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Nothing Like I’ve had Before

He was nothing like I’ve had before.

Sure he was smooth.

Sure he was soft.

But he was hard and rough too.

He had a way of making you relax and enjoy the moment before you could realise how high he had taken you.

He had a way of making you want to just see him.

To see his eyes, dark and mysterious.

To see his face, serious and handsome.

To see his smile or hear his laugh and watch as his eyes disappeared and you could get a glimpse of his well-protected soul.

He tried so hard to seem tough.

He tried so hard to prove he was rough.

But time would show the things it cannot hide.

Like his growing need to see me.

Like his habit of burying his face in my neck and just breathing me in.

Like his insistence on not parting without a kiss.

His heart began to show and I pushed him away.

Now another wall has been erected around his heart.

All because of my fear of what it might have been.

It didn’t fit any descriptor.

It was completely unfamiliar.

He was nothing like I’ve had before.

I don't even like fish!
I don’t even like fish!

I have previously said, in a post somewhere on my blog, that I am not a fan of fish. I don’t like the smell, look and taste of it. I have also said that I love food and that I love trying new foods. With that being said, great food excites me! It really does (all food, for me, can be an aphrodisiac).

This past weekend, I was disconnected from the internet and all forms of social media and visited some family members out of town. One such relative was an older brother of mine that I grew up with. This would have been the first time in years that we would be under the same roof for an extended period of time. *let’s break for necessary details here*

This brother is the brother that has always tried to get me to eat the things he eats and I somehow always give them a taste and end up liking them. It is either we have very similar tastes in food or he just knows what I would like to taste in food.

*now we can resume* So being a good big brother, he got up Sunday morning and started making breakfast. My typical breakfast would contain ‘breakfasty’ foods like eggs, bread, sausages, and other delights. My brother got up and made the breakfast he was feeling for since he doesn’t “really eat meat anymore.” He proceeded to steam some fishes!

Now don’t get me wrong. I was not completely surprised because I saw the large fishes and I could smell them as well. I just thought they were for dinner, which I would not have been around for. Fish is not really breakfast food, especially not steamed fish.

Anyway, the plate came before me and I was a little taken aback. Here was this big, whole fish – head-on and swimming in sauce, looking at me. Grotesque! I decided that because I didn’t want to go to the kitchen and make breakfast myself, or go without breakfast, I would give it a try (after all, he did thinly slice ockras into it).

IT WAS DELICIOUS! Granted my mind was acting all kinds of ways for me to feel bad but my stomach was fine. IT TASTED GREAT! And now I am just feeling for more fish. This is so unlike me. Or maybe I was missing out on something for years.


*PS there are only 3 times I have tried fish and loved it and this brother was involved in two of those times (roasted and steamed fish).


Are there any foods you’ve tried that surprised you by how good they are? Share them with me.



I recently got myself a gym membership and this is a change from my usual idea of working out.

While there are certain things that I can do that would make people call me fit, I have always held myself to a different set of standards from everyone else. As long as I can have involuntary muscular  contractions while putting on a pair of jeans, then I am NOT fit.

There are a few other standards that I will not get into at this moment (my mind is not on filter at the moment so lets stay in our lane). I went in thinking that I would have somebody there with me pushing me along to keep going, harder, 10  more, 5 more, rest. Not so. I was in this alone (for the most part).

I spoke with the instructor and told him my goal and the deadline to meet that goal. I asked what he’d suggest for me and he gave several suggestions.

Along with the workout routine, he suggested:

  • Cut back on sugar
  • Drink lots of water
  • Cut out bad carbs from my diet
  • Eat lots of protein

Sounds simple right? Nope. Initially I thought this was easy but unless I prepare all my meals at home I will not be able to eat healthy on the road.

Anywhooo, At the gym I though all of the work outs seemed easy enough. I should be able to get this over and done with in no time. Then it hit me. I am more out of shape than I thought. I was taking a break mid reps, I was sweating like crazy and on top of that I was grunting.

I’ve heard about the grunters and how annoying they are. All I can say is, “Turn up the music and grunt away, baby“. How can you not grunt while working out? Its unfathomable to me. just as unfathomable as working out without screwing up your face like Mike Tyson in a ring. With gym music or my own headset in, grunting is a must.

Besides, the grunting the sore muscles and aching began instantly. By the next day, I could barely walk. And guess what, I LOVED IT!


I am nowhere near my goal but according to everyone, I wasn’t that far from the goal to begin with. I am enjoying this period in life. *wink*

What does it really mean to be healthy?

I recently had a check up done by a doctor.

After checking all my vitals and urine sample et al. he said to me. “Wow, you are very healthy. Keep doing what you are doing.”

It was after this that he asked “Do you exercise?” the answer to which was “no”….going against his advice, I will not be keeping that up.

But despite all that my tests results show, I don’t feel healthy.

Not physically.

Not mentally.

What is health? What does good health mean? Medical …
  1. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”     The Definition has not been amended since 1948. Sep 26, 2014

That is the definition that I will be working with.

This therefore means that Dr. Good looking-married man-with the Latin surname-dishing out complements made a wrong diagnosis. I don’t feel completely physically fine. I certainly don’t feel completely mentally fine and my social well-being…what is that?

Well, according to what Yahoo Answers says, my social well-being is not in a state of completeness.

You know how they say the mind has a lot to do with the physical? Well its true. When I say I am going to have a good/great day, it doesn’t mean everything is going to go right but I have noticed that my day is/was a good one. Same goes for when I say they day s going to be horrible. I have been trying to see if this principle transcends into the realm of health – no verdict in as yet.

Dude! Did you notice the definition above makes no mention of spiritual well-being? Why doesn’t it? (I actually want an answer to this question) And don’t tell me it was in an effort to remain neutral and to not offend. The number of people who believe in a higher being or power greatly outnumbers that of those who do not. And (partially) as such, I believe it is important and should be included in the definition. It strikes a balance in all aspects of things that makes one feel at peace in and with one’s self.

But my intention is not to debate a definition (Still answer my question, though!). I just wanted to state that I am not healthy. I don’t feel healthy even though I may look it. The part that is worse than knowing you are not healthy is really feeling like there is nothing you can do in all unhealthy parts of your life to make everything a-ok again.

How did I get here? How did I just let myself go like this? I’ve always felt that these are questions overweight people ask themselves and here I am battling with them too.

What is good healthy to you and do you think you have it?



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