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I don't even like fish!
I don’t even like fish!

I have previously said, in a post somewhere on my blog, that I am not a fan of fish. I don’t like the smell, look and taste of it. I have also said that I love food and that I love trying new foods. With that being said, great food excites me! It really does (all food, for me, can be an aphrodisiac).

This past weekend, I was disconnected from the internet and all forms of social media and visited some family members out of town. One such relative was an older brother of mine that I grew up with. This would have been the first time in years that we would be under the same roof for an extended period of time. *let’s break for necessary details here*

This brother is the brother that has always tried to get me to eat the things he eats and I somehow always give them a taste and end up liking them. It is either we have very similar tastes in food or he just knows what I would like to taste in food.

*now we can resume* So being a good big brother, he got up Sunday morning and started making breakfast. My typical breakfast would contain ‘breakfasty’ foods like eggs, bread, sausages, and other delights. My brother got up and made the breakfast he was feeling for since he doesn’t “really eat meat anymore.” He proceeded to steam some fishes!

Now don’t get me wrong. I was not completely surprised because I saw the large fishes and I could smell them as well. I just thought they were for dinner, which I would not have been around for. Fish is not really breakfast food, especially not steamed fish.

Anyway, the plate came before me and I was a little taken aback. Here was this big, whole fish – head-on and swimming in sauce, looking at me. Grotesque! I decided that because I didn’t want to go to the kitchen and make breakfast myself, or go without breakfast, I would give it a try (after all, he did thinly slice ockras into it).

IT WAS DELICIOUS! Granted my mind was acting all kinds of ways for me to feel bad but my stomach was fine. IT TASTED GREAT! And now I am just feeling for more fish. This is so unlike me. Or maybe I was missing out on something for years.


*PS there are only 3 times I have tried fish and loved it and this brother was involved in two of those times (roasted and steamed fish).


Are there any foods you’ve tried that surprised you by how good they are? Share them with me.


Eating healthy is so hard

By no means does this mean that it cannot be done and I don’t argue with people who say that healthy eating is not hard. It is what you make it and I agree with that. I guess it means that I make healthy eating hard. Hmph. The thing is that I love flavourful food. I love fresh foods. I love fruits. I love vegetables. I love natural ingredients. I love trying new foods. I love low fat foods and occasionally my taste buds screw at processed sugars; occasionally. I prefer cooking with coconut oil and olive oil than any other oils.

Sounds like I’m on a good path to eating healthy, right?
I don’t like cooking that much. Fruits and veges are not as affordable as you think. They are cheaper in the market but I don’t go to the market…ever. I don’t mean to sound bougie. Plus I would be required to cook often so as to avoid all these fresh foods spoiling and going to waste.
Additionally, I have tried sticking to a healthy food routine on several occasions before and I have noticed the same thing every single time. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HUNGRY IN MY LIFE. Just so you know, this is after a meal, not before. I will eat a large amount of fruit to my fill and in a ridiculously short space of time I am hungry again. When I gave up meat for Lent some years ago, I found myself snacking way more than I have ever before. I snacked on healthy things like nuts and dried and fresh fruits but that still didn’t eliminate the underlying problem of still being hungry after a meal.
Recently I have decided to reduce my rice intake as such as possible along with my consumption of flour. This hasn’t been a hassle so far. Remember that, I’ll be coming back to it. I have also tried eating more fish and less of my favourite parts of the chicken (thigh, leg and wing). I dislike the breast. Its just so thick and I can count on one hand the times I have had a soft, juicy chicken breast from a restaurant or anyone*. The fish is lovely in sandwiches.

Absolutely loved escovietched from a fish fry in Spanish Town. The problem now arises in that I have not been able to recreate these great tasting fishes and I hate the fish smell that is left in the kitchen.
Now to that less rice thing. I recently had couscous for the first time…Loved it! Where can I get more in Jamaica? Please tell me if you know. It was moisture-hungry, if I can say that, but it didn’t take away from the fact that it was nice! I have also tried eating bulgur rice with gungo peas…Its so yummy when my uncle makes it. He’s an ital man. He uses all natural ingredients in everything he makes with minimal salt. I have to add a pinch to my plate after he cooks it.
I love trying new veggie rich meals but the ideas are so limited (not) and they are so expensive (yes).
So, who wants to be my personal chef?


* I have had chicken in the composed salad from Asia’s Café in York Pharmacy and that is well seasoned (though it looks otherwise). I have no idea how the meat is cooked without any sign of touching a hot surface.

Photo Friday: Firsts


Ok, Ok, Maybe I am overdoing this Firsts thing…but they really are all my firsts (that I have in photo form).

  1. My first taste of Mexican food from Cafe Sol in Barbados came with happy hour drinks…I miss the food and drinks but not the happy hour style…too much alcohol too fast.
  2. My very first attempt at making stewed peas. I was craving it before I gave up meat for Lent one year and just made some.
  3. My very first kitten, coming through a window. I fell in love with cats thereafter.
  4. My very first haircut. This was as a result of premature locking of my hair. It taught me a lesson.

After all this that I have given you to take in, head on over to Kay’s blog and see her photos for today.

Have a great weekend loves and SMILE! 🙂

32 Flavours

It’s not your Baskin Robbins but these are just 32 flavour that I think are noteworthy and I would want the whole world to experience:


  •           Coffee with nutmeg
  •          Lemonade
  •          Rosemary tea
  •          Grapefruit Juice
  •          Cherry Juice
  •          Manish Water



  •           Warm cinnamon buns
  •          Brownies
  •          Patty crusts


Fruits & Veggies

  •          Otaheite apples
  •          Strawberries
  •          Ockra
  •          Crunchy vegetables
  •          Roasted pineapple
  •          Sautéed broccoli



  •          Curry chicken with ginger
  •          Pig’s tail
  •          Mala Chicken
  •          General Tso Chicken
  •          Pork sausage
  •          Pepperoni


  •          Cherry Cheesecake
  •          Grapenut ice cream
  •          Cream cheese
  •          Parmesan Cheese
  •          Island Dairy’s Ice Cream Cake (no longer in production)



  •          Mint sweets
  •          Caramel
  •          Reese’s cup
  •          Snickers bar








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Day 26: What’s Your Favourite Food?

I am a foodie at heart. A fat girl in a skinny girl’s body. A favourite food is hard to pick.

I know for sure that it is no longer my childhood favourite of corned beef, white rice, green peas and that Sharkleberry Finn flavoured KoolAid drink.

Having been exposed to so much more and having tried new foods and new cultures it makes this so much harder. But if I had to choose one it would have to be my aunt Sharon’s stewed peas with pig’s tail! Well anything that she cooks has to be in my favourite’s book! The woman has a gift I tell you! A real gift in the kitchen!

Stewed Peas
yummy in my tummy.

I ate that stewed peas so fast I don’t know where it went! I could have handled the plate too had it been edible!

I love my aunt’s cooking!