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Photo Friday Collaboration

Hi guys!

I just wanted to let you know of something in the pipeline.

This is upcoming (shortly, and I mean shortly).  After the Blogging 201 Course, I have teamed up with Kay Kauffman, creator of the amazingly interesting blog entitled Suddenly they all died. The end. Weird name right? head over there to find out the meaning behind it! Now, where was I? Yes! We have teamed up to take on Photo-Fridays in all its gloriousness.

We will begin posting next Friday, May 9th, and will have the links of each others photos posted as well  so you can see what we both came up with.


Whats that? You’d like to join in? Well just drop me a line on my contact page and I’ll get right to you!


Day 17: Why and When did you start Blogging?

I started blogging in June 2011.

I stared blogging because I was in my final year at University and I enrolled for a course that would see us being evaluated through the creation and maintenance of a blog surrounding things learned in the course.

I, having no knowledge of how to create and maintain a blog and not wanting to fail this very interactive and fun course, decided to find out how it was done beforehand.

I came across Tumblr. How? I am not entirely sure but I think the pretty pictures hooked me and I stayed with it. I began making text and audio posts just ‘trying out’ the new thing.

I had written a few pieces in a prose format to express pent up thoughts and shared the link with my very supportive best friend and some others.

They loved it! They encouraged me to write more and I did.

I eventually got hooked and stayed with it.

Oh, I passed that course with a better grade than I expected! My electronic portfolio (course blog) received a B or something thereabout. It was a great journey.