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Why do I attract OLDER men?

For my followers and occasional readers that do not know much about me, let me start by saying that I am a young female, still in my early 20s. Intellectually, I may come across as a mid-life adult who has spent enough time in higher education and set in their own beliefs of the world.

Young men my age are often time intimidated by my incapability to accommodate bullsh!t and partially thought-through approaches. Older men, on the other hand, have apparently been rejected so much (or had great luck) that when they see me, they just decide to give it a shot and “no watch no face!”

Older men approach me (for just about anything) much more often than younger men do. This excludes my male friends that are just too comfortable for their own good.

This is not something that I have just noticed but my most recent encounter with a complete stranger has prompted my asking.

Here is what happened:

I was about to spend the weekend with my favourite uncle and considering the health conscious nut he is, there was no junk food in the house. He suggested I stop by the supermarket to get some food (to maintain my sanity) before we head home.

In the supermarket…minding my own business…looking for the snack aisle I couldn’t care less who was around me doing their own business. In the snack aisle (the MOST crowded aisle at that) were several stockers loading shelves, a man shopping with his daughter (about 16 yr old based on her uniform) and me.

Looking at the price of the fruit cups that had caught my eye I only heard when the man said quite audibly for all to hear: “Mmmm. I would love to be carrying this lady’s basket right now.” So, I looked around to see what ‘this lady’s’ response was going to be, only to realize that I am the only lady in the aisle and the only person with a basket in my hand.

So as this high-coloured man approaches me (I’m not colour prejudice, just descriptive) I quietly asked “I wonder why?” After all, anything could have been wrong, that I did not notice because of the fruit cup prices! The man comes up to me, puts his arm around my shoulder and leans in to whisper “when you go home, you see. Take a good look in the mirror and you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

I probably should have stated earlier that I dress to fit my body type.

I nod at the realization then he says (quite audibly this time) “Or I could have your number so I could tell you every day”. I, in turn, replied loud enough for him and the aisle to hear “No. Thats ok.”

I will not lie. This man caught me off-guard but it got me thinking; how often does a younger guy do something like that? A guy I might actually consider? Am I such a ‘balls-buster’ that you can see it on me from a mile away?

But I’m not that bad. The last ‘young’ guy that did that caught me on a humble day. It could happen for you too. Guys, I’m not always mean and serious. You can ‘run a one joke wid me more time.’ I won’t wear steel-toed boots!