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Photo Friday: Climb

This week’s pic is thrown back to my summer vacay with my aunt.

This is me “Climbing” her for a pic in the parking lot. It was fun times…. To go back to that soon!

Kay has a lovely pic up today and you absolutely must see it. Click here and view her PF post!

Enjoy your weekend….I have work.

Photo Friday: Learning

Easter weekend was spent with my family at home. I had one of my little nephews with me and you know this generation of kids are tech-savvy. So  my tech-savvy nephew wanted to take pictures with my Sony Camera. Of course there is no point in him taking a million bad pictures and not grasping how the device works. I showed him and in no time he got it! Here area few of his better shots!DSC00286 DSC00289 DSC00294 DSC00296 DSC00298 DSC00304

Before you run off to frolic into the weekend, stop by Kay’s blog and see what exciting post she has for you today.

Photo Friday Throwback: BIM!

Today I had to throw it back to my time in the East (Caribbean that is). My hair looked so fluffy. Who doesn’t love big fluffy hair? *warm, fuzzy feelings*

Take a look in my small suitcase. There is nothing in it and the Irish Spring, to prove that I actually went to ‘foreign’, is taking up valuable storage space meant for clothes. Every Caribbean person knows that you really never went to ‘foreign’ unless you bring back Irish Spring soap. Anywho, check out Kay’s throwback for this Friday.

I’m currently battling what may be severe allergies or the flu coming on but I am determined to have a productive , fun weekend. Have a great one loves!

Photo Friday Black Sun

On my visit to St. Louis I stood directly under the Gateway Arch and looked up.
It was the perfect time of day. The sun was right up there and I took a pic. The lens of the camera wouldn’t pick up the complete overexposure of the sunlight. So the sun appeared in the pic as a tiny black ball. Don’t let the sunshine fool you. I was wearing my sweater, all zipped up and my lips were chapped.

Would love that experience again though! Especially sow my weekend almost just fell apart after 1 phone call today. Never mind that though. Hop on over to Kay’s blog and enjoy your weekend lovies!


Photo Friday Throwback




This week’s photo goes back to my very active extracurricular life in college. My best friend came up with the wonderful idea of a group of us girls doing a dance routine in heels for a fashion show we were having. Needless to say, dancing, for some people, is hard. Add heels to the equation and you have a routine of “Trying to keep your balance and look cute”. Lol It was fun! Here we posed with our block brother “Nashy”. He was an absolute gem! Amazing big bro! ChanSea to the world!!!

Guys, check out Kay’s post and have a great weekend.

Photo Friday

Excuse my half closed eye. Midst the hustle and bustle of what was by grandma’s birthday celebration last year, some of us stopped to take pictures (shhhh….guests were waiting).

My family is a matriarchal one on both the maternal and  paternal sides. As such, it was no surprise that women were ‘running the show’ and dominated pictures taken that day. It was an eventful evening.DSC00143

L-R:  aunt, namesake sister-in-law, grams and moi.

While you sip on some hot chocolate, like  I am, take a look at Kay’s photo for today.

Have a relaxing weekend lovies!

Photo Friday Throwback


Photo Friday goes way back……back to my high school years when Summer and Christmas camp were all we thought about doing with our breaks. So glad that I had these experiences and met people that I did. There is one person in this pic that I have know since I was a toddler and we have been through the education system together too…then higher education would have it that out paths took us separate ways. However, I’m glad to say we are business partners today and still have that bond.

This weekend, I’m home with family, and after the week I have had….I NEEEEED it!

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