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Heights by Great Men…

As National Heroes Day approaches in Jamaica, the theme for this year’s celebrations “A Great Heritage…A Great Legacy” got me thinking. Not many of us Jamaicans really know why we celebrate our National Heroes each year. Not many Jamaicans can relate to the struggle of the times the heroes lived in and can appreciate the feat they accomplished in their own ways.

Earlier this year I had the privilege of hiking to the Blue Mountain peak in Jamaica. This was my second time hiking to the top but my first time hiking it in daylight. Climbing 7,402 ft to the peak is no easy feat but this time I had been exercising leading up to the that hike date so that the task would not be insurmountable.

Among the clouds at the Blue Mountain peak, Jamaica.

It took several hours to get to the peak and on more occasions than one I felt like the peak could not be reached and I would never stop hiking. In those moments I thought of my National Heroes, two in particular and what it must have been like for them to have done something similar to this. Nanny of the Maroons and Paul Bogle hiked and walked for miles and days but that is not something often spoken about.

Nanny of the Maroons is known as the Warrior Queen who outsmarted British soldiers and fought to maintain her people’s freedom. Paul Bogle is known as the peasant farmer who after not getting an audience with the then Governor, Edward Eyre, started a rebellion that led to more favourable conditions for Jamaicans of that time.

Yes, they both did what we said they did but on this particular day in May of 2017 I put myself in both their shoes. Paul Bogle saw the injustices being met out to his fellow brothers and sisters and wanted to do something to help especially since (albeit marginally) he was in a position to help. Imagine the food shortage and drought that was being faced. I imagined walking in the hot sun (and oh, how the sun can be hot) 45 miles (a little over 72 km) from Stony Gut to Spanish Town. I imagined being thirsty and hungry and not having enough food to fully satisfy me. I imagined sweating and starting to smell a bit. I imagined how the stone would be jabbing and hurting the soles of my feet with each step I took. I only imagined that last part thinking Paul’s shoe was his ‘Sunday best’ and that he wouldn’t walk the soles out on such a long journey. He definitely did not have hiking boots or sneakers like I did. I want you to feel that and then imagine how it would feel to arrive in Spanish Town after all that walking, only to be told that the Governor has no time for you, you peasant. Listen to me. How Bogle kept his cool to not start a rebellion right there and then is worthy of commendation.

I imagined hiking through the dangerous terrain of the Blue Mountains, no trail to follow, with babies, children, elderly people and those who were sick or injured. I imagined being the one that everyone looked to for guidance and assurance that “it’s not too far now” when it would take weeks to get to our destination. I imagine having to carry a child in my arms as I climbed. I imagined having to lift a person up who couldn’t manoeuvre the terrain well. I imagined hearing the constant complaints of tiredness, thirst and hunger. I imagined hearing the cries of the babies who were just frustrated with the constant movement. I imagined having to stop or slow the pace to facilitate someone who had fallen and badly injured themselves on the path I led them. I imagined it raining and my only shelter being the leaves of trees. How did she not give up? How did Nanny not throw in the towel and say it was all too much for her to deal with? I can only guess that after all that she endured with the Maroons as they moved cross-country gave her even more determination for it to not all be for naught.

At the top, the feeling of it all being worth it; the feeling of it now coming to an end, welled up in my chest. I took a moment and looked around and saluted Nanny and Paul Bogle for digging past the voice that says we can’t do it or that it is too much for us to handle. I saluted them because:

  1. I can now relate to what it was like to have done one thing they did in their lives and appreciate it was not easy and no small feat.
  2. They embodied spirits living in us today, justifying our strength as a people – as a Black race.
  3. It doesn’t have to be National Heroes Day for me to pay respects to my heroes.

What our Heroes did was to ACT. They acted get the change they wanted to see instead of just talking about it. That is why they are our Heroes.

If you are Jamaican having trouble relating to our National Heroes or understanding why they are recognised as heroes, try walking in their shoes. Take some time to do something they did and strip away the luxuries we enjoy today.

Which Hero do you most relate to and why? tell me in the comments below.


Almost Over is Not the End

Its July (‘Finally!’ I can hear some people say) and more than half of 2017 is in the bag.

I took a moment and looked at the things I had hoped to accomplish by this time and some of them I have yet to and others seem that they will not be accomplished. A part of me feels, or I should say felt, a little disappointed that after trying my hand at setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals I may not achieve  them all.

Just this morning, my advice to a friend was that she needed to examine a particular situation as if she was not directly involved in it, to give it a fair judgement. That’s what I needed to do (take your own advice nuh sista!). As it turns out, being rue to self, I had set AMBITIOUS goals (I apparently changed the meaning of A in SMART Goals). The goals I had set for the time-frame I had set them for were quite ambitious in that any once could have told me that they were either too heavy or just too much for me to take on alone especially in the time I had set out to do so.

I am not disappointed in setting goals beyond what I can readily attain. I am, however, disappointed in the fact that somethings will have to be rescheduled. I believe they are all of equal importance and choosing which to delay is hard. It is a good thing I find solace in knowing that my journey is not the same as the next person’s I can’t compare my life to theirs. My life has to be compared with itself over a period of time. Without a doubt I can see growth and progress. So while half the year is behind me I am not behind in meeting goals and REALISTIC goals and targets

If you are reading this and you too have realised that some goals o targets for this year will not be met, don’t begin to beat yourself up about it. Step out of the situation and think about how you can shuffle it to move forward. Remember there is no blueprint for this thing. We are all trying to figure it out too.

There is no wrong or right way to pace your life.

What are some of your goals or targets for this year?

Post Wedding Feelings

Last night I witnessed one of my longest (oldest?) friends get married. It was beautiful through and through.

It was great fun and sort of a mini reunion for us gals that went to high school together. We joined the bride and groom on the dance floor and we danced away. We weren’t short on laughter and fun that night. There was happiness all around and I truly felt happy to see so many persons my age happy with their ‘person’.

The night ended and my ride got me and dropped me home and it sunk in. All my friends are happy in relationships, making the next step of marriage and starting a family and here I am…alone. If on any night I didn’t want to be alone it was this night. But I was and I stayed that way. I cried a little, because my mind went there. My mind went to counting the number of  my friends that are married, engaged, in a relationship, new parents and happy. What was my issue? Why didn’t any of my long term relationships work? Why can’t I meet a guy that’s on the same page as me? Why can’t I have that? (And by that I don’t mean the wedding). I never like having too long of a pity party so I eventually just fell asleep.

I woke up this morning with the same feeling. Then I decided to go on social media. That is always the worst decision to make when in a mood like this. Believe me when I say EVERYBODY AND DEM MODDA WAS CELEBRATING ANNIVERSARIES, MARRIAGES AND LOVE. Everybody.  Like I was being taunted.
I’m not actually looking forward to a wedding. I never have. Never dreamt of that as a child. I have no idea what I want my dress to look like or my color scheme or a theme or location. NOTHING. All I’ve ever dreamed about was sharing my life with someone that loves me for me, loves me genuinely, is honest and faithful and someone I can build a life and family with. I’ve only ever dreamed of my partner and how awesome our lives will be. And that’s the part that matters. The person, not the moment.
In college I felt my biological clock ticking. I wanted to have a baby so bad. That baby-fever is a real thing. I no longer feel that. I told myself I wanted to have my children by the age of 30 but I want to get married before that. I also would prefer if I knew my spouse for years prior to us getting married. Well, the clock’s a-ticking and time is running out.

That’s a timeline I gave myself that doesn’t seem to be working out. Last night a friend of mine who was also present at the wedding said she thinks it’s just gonna surprise me. Just creep up on me. I sure do hope so. Because this is borderline depressing. 

While I acknowledge that marriage isn’t for everyone I sure hope God thinks it’s for me because the only thing I don’t want in life is to be alone and I love to love. (Sometimes it hurts to be that way)

Must-Do Activities this Summer!

Summer is here! Though in the Tropics we experience summer all year round, you still get excited for the season so: ‘Summer is here!’

This is the time when we all have little more time on our hands and we frantically try to find ways to keep cool and enjoy the moment. We tend to travel a lot more during the summer to visit family and friends and have brand new experiences at home and abroad. This is also the time when you will hear the usual good advice and recommendations ‘keep hydrated’, ‘wear sunscreen and hats’, which all should be considered. But for those of us set on having a ‘chill’ summer here in our tropical isle, don’t be short on fun and exciting things to do to match the heat.

Here are some cool ideas to try this summer:

  • When you live on an island, going to the beach as an excuse for the heat is a no-brainer. Its second nature. But this summer, do more than that. Check out new local spots that you haven’t been to before. It may be the new movie theater, bowling alley, sports bar, you get the gist. Just get up and go out!
  • Haven’t seen friends in a while? The entire family is free this summer? Awesome! Have everyone over for dinner. Keep the work minimal by having an outdoor potluck under the shade of that big tree in the yard. Imagine the fun and laughter! Keep things summery and fresh by utilizing fresh local fruits in meals. Make it a Tropical Jamboreehammock-385600_1280
  • When you simply want to have a moment with yourself but the heat has you tormented, no worries. The shade of trees will come to your rescue. Get a hammock in the shade, lay there and fall asleep or read a book or two. Either way, you’ll love it out there!
  • For the days when the sun feels that much hotter and you can’t fill the pool up to take a swim, here’s something fun that can cool down the entire family. Dress for the weather and go play in the sprinklers! Your lawn will be happy but you will be even happier.
  • Now, for those nights when indoors seems unbearable, spend the night under the stars. Set up an area in your yard and ‘set up shop’. Make that backyard camping experience even better by throwing in some star gazing with that special someone *wink*.

Don’t let the summer heat beat you and don’t let the summer pass without you doing something fun! Remember that camera you’ve been sitting on? Whip it out and document your summer!


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Inside the Mind of: Bob Marley

Jah! Ras Tafari, Ever living , ever present, ever sure.

Yesterday, I man see everybody celebrating what dem is call my birthday. Jah pickney no have no start and no expire date. When you connect with Jah, you, inna yourself, becomes a part a everything.

Dem say me neva rich till Rita and my sons and daughters monetize mi legacy. A poor man is a man that count money and possession as riches. Me never poor, neva born poor. Is the system Babyblon set up fi blind black people. Why a man rich? Who give him anything? Man don’t have nutten but life and if everybody have it everybody deh pon di same level, nu so? So who make a man rich? Who fix that? I am a rich man. Rich man in life. Don’t talk bout my women and my children. Me and you may never know the full of it, but just know say a farmer neva yet plant 1 seed and expect a crop.

Um, mek me tell you something, mijarity of the people in the world, still no understand inna dem sense yet what um, the plan of Rastafari is outside of Rastafari. Rasta is the future still, rasta make rebels. We are rebelutionaries… Jah come fi man see say him fi free, yo u dig? Man nuh supposed to, supposed to, to deh aum, bow to a nex man. U dig?

Di whole a we need fi return to Africa. You see, in di mother land, di whole a we were all kings and queens. See, we need fi remember that the Christ set aside land fi we, first and foremeost and we are the chosen people, secondmost.  Di king a come from out of the east and the opposite from the west.

Fi deepa overstanding, a man inna himself have to stop and consider how fi get that overstanding. Di ungle way a man a go get that is thru Jah. Fi get to jah…the bessest way is through herb. Memba there is a voice inna every body and if you listen good, you will find di right way fi do something.

Di whole a we a Noah pickney dem enuh. Is just that Noah give Africa to Ham, di black man. Europe to the white man and Asia to the Chiney man , you know di yellow people.

War nuh fid eh happen enuh. Killing and dem tings? No man. Is jus man consciousness become mess up and all a these things happen. But God did done say him a separate the goat from the sheep. How? Bere natural disasters. Check it.

But all fi happen is for Africa fi unite. Unite a di promise land in Africa. Black people everywhere need fi get this message yes. Make di final working easier. So me is forever grateful fi di work mi family and queens and other Rastas do in spreading the message. Jah say it nah stop till it reach all who it fi reach. Peace and consciousness is what it is.

Africa unite! Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourself can free our mind.

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Why Fairy Tale Romances are a set up for Disappointment

Little girls (and boys) have been grown on watching fairy tales and being told bedtime stories of a damsel in distress, a knight in shining armour coming to her rescue and the infamous “…and they lived happily ever after.”

Its great that in an effort to preserve a child’s innocence we paint a picture of a perfect world for them (it is my assumption that that is the intention). The real world is just too much for a child to have to handle and try to comprehend. However, there comes a time when we, the ones who filled their heads with perfect endings to perfect love stories, need to let them know that it is not so in the world of 9+ billion.
The chances of a woman finding a man that knows exactly what she wants and her heart’s desires without prior interaction is slim. So too is the likelihood if your first kiss causing your leg to pop and you living in “honeymoon bliss”  for the rest of your life or a man finding a perfectly untainted woman in this day and age.

Rare strand of naivety 

Nobody lives blissfully unaware of the world around them. This is 2015. The internet is here to stay. The entire expanse of the world has now become a click away. We are all living on one street. If children grow up believing in these stories and the personas presented, we are creating adults for a world that no longer exists. Additionally, no one is completely numb to the onslaughts of raging hormones (children wouldn’t necessarily know this, but only a few fairy tale characters are outside the range of fertility).

Soft “Tough” shells are no longer in production

Many characters in fairly tales (protagonists mainly) have undergone some amount of hardship, ill-treatment, “oppression” – if I might. And for years, it seems. After being rescued from their dilemma/ predicament, they carry on with a carefree life to live happily ever after. While it is great for our children to grow with optimism, what are the odds of our child being faced with real hardship and coming out not being ‘jaded’ to some degree? Hmmm? Tell me.

The Love Trump Card

Fairy Tales portray love as the solution to every problem. I mean, what can’t love fix? Its like the “world peace” answer in beauty pageants. But the sad reality is, love doesn’t fix every problem. If that was the case, I’d love-out the unemployment in Jamaica right about now. Love isn’t going to pay your JPSco (utility) bill or put food on your table 😦 but true.

In the end, when the truth comes out we have made ourselves out to be liars. Children look up to us and believe what we tell them. My grandma promised me a Barbie laptop that I saw in a magazine (which she never saw) and for years after I had outgrown such pink stuff, I still believed she would find it and get it for me.

When I was told as a child that we hear thunder when God is angry, I believed. But I learned the truth. I look at that as a lie even though it was probably told to me to avoid the long scientific explanation. It was a lie (from the pit of hell…lol). If you don’t want to be made out to be a liar, simply tell them the truth about your fairy tales (that it’s not true).

Or you can have a mindset like mine where everything is the truth and a lie at the same time 😉

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On that matter of Sex

I don’t mean to jump right into all that erotic stuff as I get back but I just want to ask if others have had my observation too.

With all the sex being strewn about the media and it being so readily available to all, its still not something that is openly spoken about in the workplace.

Today was a relatively loose day at work. Both in terms of work load and idle talk. At work, I spent most of my day away from my desk. The young lady I sat with usually doesn’t speak much but today she did.
She was reading a novel of some sort and I suggested an author for her read. Before I knew it she was telling me about sex scenes from various books she read.

Was I uncomfortable? Oh hell yes!

Why did she feel comfortable enough to share this information with me? Was it because I suggested books to her and she immediately assumed they were of the same genre as the one she was reading?

Possible. But don’t you find that people are openly talking about sex in spaces that were once ‘sacred’ or ‘taboo’ to the topic?

Tell me what you think? Do you find that its so?



People are Unreliable

People are unreliable.
Nothing’s new.
I’ve known this fact for some time now but I thought it was only applicable sometimes. Upon careful observation I noticed that the mist unreliable of persons are men with cars.
Why? You ask….
Well I don’t know.
I could go on forever analyzing my instances with each and speculate reason upon reason as to why they are how they are. I won’t.
I already have a headache and I don’t want to make it worse.

Of course I do believe that there are several factors that affect every outcome. I don’t know the situation surrounding each of my disappointments but men are unreliable. Men who drive are even more unreliable.
I’ve even seen reliable men become the opposite after purchasing a car.

I’m just tired of it.
Be gone.


African Black Soap Review

Am I asking for too much too soon?
For the last month I have been cleansing my face, chest and shoulders with the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap alone

*Along with the soap I did a turmeric-lime mask twice, an aspirin mask once and tea tree oil everyday except for a week. Its pear season (avocado) and I have been eating them shamelessly everyday.

What do I have to say about it:

It does dry the skin out.
It really cleanses the skin.
Be careful what other products you use on your skin. The drying and exfoliant properties of the soap makes everything seem harsher/stronger.
I have been consuming oils and sugars but my face has not been breaking out.
THE BAD: I burned half my face off using the same tea tree oil I had been using before the soap.

In comparing a picture of my face the day I bought the soap and one of today, the acne scars have faded but I have to remind myself that it’s only been a month. I was expecting overnight results. My skin tone is slowly recovering from overexposure to the sun. On top of that my skin is smoother, making make up application flawless.

Final Recommendation: If you have the patience for the long haul, its for you.