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Sugarplum Box: Tropical Jamboree

Get Excited!
Thats the tagline of Sugarplum Box and boy was I ever for this one!

This box is my third and I can say the excitement is way up with each. They definitely know how to build anticipation.

The Tropical Jamboree Box featured several things and I was excited about this box for more reasons than one (Are you ready for them?)

Inside the Tropical Jamboree box were:


  1.  #Corkcicle Canteen – The best thing for this heat. Keeps drinks cold for 20 hr and hot for 25 hours (I tried it, it works)
  2. Wild Cherry BBQ Sauce #BountyAndFull – I was definitely looking forward to this one because I have a pork-lover in my life and I couldn’t wait for him to try this. As a matter of fact, the very day the box arrived, we bought jerked pork just for this sauce. And it was Awesome-sauce (yh, I said it.) Chef Kelis done did it!
  3.  Coconut Glow Bronzing Mask – I was skeptical about this because I am a woman of colour, why would I need a bronzing moisturizer? It so happens to be very sheer, mess free, easy to rinse off AANNDD smells delicious!
  4. Sugar Sunshine Soap #TheCoiffedCafe – This smells great. A natural soap that smells like ginger (and I get a whiff of sugarcane too). My only problem with this is that ants love it and it doesn’t sud easily.
  5.  2 scented Shea Body Butters #ChizzledOrganics – Opening the additional parcel to see these just made me feel like Christmas came early. Who doesn’t like brawta? Two cute little jars of whipped shea butter. My scents are Stressless and Butter Love.
  6. #PolkaDotSwim bikini wrap – I wish you could see my facial expression. I am so ready for the beach!
  7. Mini Mag with recipes and such – The mini mag was brought back for this box and (that should be an extended and) I submitted content for it which was ultimately featured. Yes! Now you can see why I was overly excited. For my full list of Must Do Activities for the summer, just give its a lil click-sy 😉

The SugarPlum Box team have out-done themselves. They ship their boxes internationally so be sure to go reserve a box for yourself.

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Must-Do Activities this Summer!

Summer is here! Though in the Tropics we experience summer all year round, you still get excited for the season so: ‘Summer is here!’

This is the time when we all have little more time on our hands and we frantically try to find ways to keep cool and enjoy the moment. We tend to travel a lot more during the summer to visit family and friends and have brand new experiences at home and abroad. This is also the time when you will hear the usual good advice and recommendations ‘keep hydrated’, ‘wear sunscreen and hats’, which all should be considered. But for those of us set on having a ‘chill’ summer here in our tropical isle, don’t be short on fun and exciting things to do to match the heat.

Here are some cool ideas to try this summer:

  • When you live on an island, going to the beach as an excuse for the heat is a no-brainer. Its second nature. But this summer, do more than that. Check out new local spots that you haven’t been to before. It may be the new movie theater, bowling alley, sports bar, you get the gist. Just get up and go out!
  • Haven’t seen friends in a while? The entire family is free this summer? Awesome! Have everyone over for dinner. Keep the work minimal by having an outdoor potluck under the shade of that big tree in the yard. Imagine the fun and laughter! Keep things summery and fresh by utilizing fresh local fruits in meals. Make it a Tropical Jamboreehammock-385600_1280
  • When you simply want to have a moment with yourself but the heat has you tormented, no worries. The shade of trees will come to your rescue. Get a hammock in the shade, lay there and fall asleep or read a book or two. Either way, you’ll love it out there!
  • For the days when the sun feels that much hotter and you can’t fill the pool up to take a swim, here’s something fun that can cool down the entire family. Dress for the weather and go play in the sprinklers! Your lawn will be happy but you will be even happier.
  • Now, for those nights when indoors seems unbearable, spend the night under the stars. Set up an area in your yard and ‘set up shop’. Make that backyard camping experience even better by throwing in some star gazing with that special someone *wink*.

Don’t let the summer heat beat you and don’t let the summer pass without you doing something fun! Remember that camera you’ve been sitting on? Whip it out and document your summer!


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Sugarplum Box: Mission Possible II

Hi guys!

I know I have been MIA for a long while and all I can say is “Sometimes life throws bricks at you.”

Anyway, today I want to tell you about a local (Jamaican) subscription box service called Sugarplum Box.

Sugarplum box can only be described as a young girl’s excitement waiting to climax.  I first came across the box through Bella Blair’s unboxing and review and then later by seeing a re-posted picture of Chunchi doing something in relation to the box.

Of course my interest was piqued! I had to find out about this box and the hype it was building. The box is a compilation of lifestyle items and brands carefully sought and put together for you. The items are not known until you get your own box. The best part about it is that shipping/delivery is free and the box only cost J$3500. I found the box and inquired how to subscribe. The list had already closed but the administrator (I’m just gonna call her that) was nice enough to let me subscribe to the list for my first experience of the excitement!

I ordered a regular box. There is the option of getting your items delivered in a carton or a metal, re-usable box.DSC00320 When I opened the box I immediately smelled sweetness!
DSC00321 I was greeted by the Mission Possible II card which congratulated me and listed the items inside. I received the following things in my box:DSC00322DSC00329DSC00324  DSC00325DSC00323DSC00328DSC00327




















The Items in my box were:

1. Shea Shea Bakery Strawberry Cheesecake Body Butter

2. Satin sleep mask (in my fav colour)

3. Three Farmers Roasted Chickpeas in Barbeque

4. Bronzer from Nicka-K Cosmetics (which I now use daily)

5. Ceramic handmade Grip Cup by Johnathan Castro

I am totally pleased with the box and have subscribed to others. Can’t wait to see what they roll out with over the coming months. If you would like your very own Sugarplum Box just head on over to their website and dive right in.



Some Days I want to be Me…

Some days I want to be me and there are others when I want to be someone else.

Like there are days when I want to be bold and ‘nuh watch nuh face’ like the executive assistant upstairs and wear my matted overnight afro to work on a regular basis and there are days when I want a sleek, well laid hairstyle.

There are days when I just want to go out in public in something made from cotton and be perfectly comfortable but then there are days when I want to rock a daring outfit that will turn heads and make cameras flash.

New Years Eve is approaching…its here actually. I just want to shake my romp (I can’t think of a better way to put it.) This requires comfy clothes and just that. But every event here requires you to shell out your bank account to get Vera Wang to design and make something for you.

Mi nuh up fi dat!

New Year’s parties, can I just be me?

I am NOT my Hair!

“Psst. Rasta!” “Rasta girl! Me like yuh enuh!”

“Jah know my girl, yuh hair fit you! It look good.”

“Hey Rasta!…Rasta!”


For those of you who don’t know I tried out locks in my hair for a little bit recently. It is my intention that once my natural hair grows to a certain length and I have had my share of fun playing around with it, I will lock it. As much as I love experimenting with different styles for my hair, I have little patience and time to actually do my hair myself. I find it irritating. Hence, I plan on locking it and saving myself much trouble.

Initially, being called a ‘Rasta’ meant nothing to me. So many persons had something to say about my hair and by far the most upsetting of all the comment’ors’ were those that felt the need to remind me of how displeased I was with the finish the hairdresser gave me and this one man.

This one man

While working, this one man who initially said nothing to me about my hair, felt the need to vocalize his opinion after his colleague commented on it looking like my real hair and me saying that Its a trial before I do the real thing.

He says to me “So you are going to become a Rasta?” I reply “No. I’m going to lock my hair.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Locking my hair does not make me Rastafarian.”

Then he says this ignorant sh!t: “See, I don’t get it. I can never understand how someone, and people from the church too, wear locks- something that identifies Rastas and then say they are not Rastas.”

I don’t like this kind of ignorance, you know? It took a good amount of my strength to remind myself that I was on the job and as such….let it go.

The man in the background chimed in before I did “But she right. Locs don’t make you Rasta any more.”

I added “In this day and age with things changing, culture changing just like people do, nothing has the same meaning as before. Locs is just a style for your hair.”

Hair is such a fickle thing these days to use as an identifier.

Nomad Philosophy 101

A person or one’s self-being is not fundamentally defined by capricious external symbols (symbols being used loosely) with frigid meanings. I look at a person’s definition like a building.

The foundation is like the past, your history.

The walls are the pillars of beliefs that you have.

Then the furniture etc. on the inside and the colour of the outside walls are those fickle things that can change at any moment.

The colour of the building and the furniture do not make it a building. Change those around and it is still a building.

My hair is the colour of that building. I am not Rastafarian because I do not believe in the religion. Also, wearing their identifying colours does not make me Rastafarian. I do not practise their rituals.

It boils down to ‘If you want to know who someone is, just ask them. Never use their physical appearance to judge.’

*NB I can tell you how this has taught me a lesson.

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New Lippies!

I dedicate this post to the beautiful girl (I mean gorgeous woman) thDSC01328at told me black women show never be afraid of wearing read lips.

Congratulations on your marriage Gabrielle. I am so happy for you!





While I did not buy a red lipstick on this trip I did spot one bold one and will be back to get it. I found two colours that I liked and decided to take home to try. These are drug store (pharmacy) brands cause a girl ain’t got money to be spending on a name!


This colour is Purple by Santee Juicy Lips.

I love the fact that this smells like bubble gum.

I don’t like that it is so glossy. It almost feels oily but I guess that just means no top gloss will be needed.

I also do not like that it takes several coats to build up to a visible purple.

DSC01405This colour is called Smoky Peach by Klean Colour Twinsies.

I like the fact that it takes just two swipes and its on.

It has some shimmer which I had not bargained for but can live with.

I also like the way it looks. It almost has that everyday-wear-ability look to it .

Which colour is your favourite? And what do you think I should try next?

By the way, are you liking the new hair?


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