Fate or what you might call it.

In my line of work I come across many people on a daily basis. I also get hit on by many men. Unfortunately these men always fall in the category of kruffs/cruffs. I want nothing to do with these men outside of work interaction.

I’ve tried once (once is enough for me) and I was annoyed beyond belief with the guy. So I just had it in my head that I’d only meet kruffs and annoying men on the job.

A few months ago I met this man (on the job) and had an easy flowing, fun conversation with him. When he asked for my number I declined. I didn’t want to be annoyed again.  Sometime after I thought of him and regretted not exchanging contacts. I knew we’d probably never see each other again.

A little over a month of meeting this man, I saw him again. Same organic feel to our conversation, riddled with laughter. Still we did not exchange contacts. 

Another time he spotted me walking while he was passing in traffic. He pulled over to give me a quick hail 😊

The following week he walked into the store we had met and the same thing happened again with the exception of a hug and the exchanging of contacts (finally). 

After a week of little communication we are now at today. I stepped out of my taxi to enter the community I live in and who do I see walking out?  The same guy of course!

ALL THIS TIME. All this time we lived so close? (By all this time I mean two months because I’d only been living there for two months.)

So maybe I would’ve met up with him again either way. For now I’m just enjoying the laughs and expecting nothing. 


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