Wash Day Routine

I’ve heard many persons with locks say that they dread wash days. I could never understand why and even after being told why they do, I can hardly relate.

Persons with locs tend to have a problem finding the right products that will strip the locs and scalp of all the product build up without stripping the hair of its naturally produced oils. Some have resorted to using a clarifying shampoo and a moisturising conditioner with a leave in conditioner afterwards.

What I do is different and it works just fine for me now, though I may have to switch it up soon.

To keep my hair clean, I wash every week and a half.

I use a solid bar of African Black soap (because the dissolved kind doesn’t last as long) and rub it into my damp hair and lather.

I repeat this 2 or three times depending on how dirty my hair was. I also focus on the ends of the hair because they tend to trap a lot of dirt and dust too.

Once I have done that I use a white T-Shit to get rid of the excess water and while my hair is still damp, I moisturize it. I use the LOC method, which is Liquid-Oil-Cream. The liquid would have already been the water in my hair. I then follow up with either castor oil or coconut oil or a mixture of both. To seal it all in I use shea butter, the solid kind. Being a heavy butter it acts as a cream sealant for moisture on the hair shaft.

You may notice that I do not use a conditioner. I haven’t for a while but I will be updating my wash routine to incorporate one and other moisture adding products/processes.

During the week when my hair feels dry, do the LOC method again until it’s another wash day.


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