Effective MakeUp Removal

Hello beautiful! How are you?

Don’t you just hate it sometimes when your well done make up is a pain to come off?

I know. I’ve been there and back. I’m coming from a makeup removal routine that involved washing my face 5 times AND I have ACNE prone skin. BAD combination much? Needless to say, I still had breakouts and this is from when I wore make up once a week.

Now I wear makeup 5 times a week and break out less frequently. What’s my secret? Well, in addition to a new skin care routine, it’s my makeup removal steps.

I now remove my makeup quite easily with just 3 steps:

  • Remove excess product with a wet wipe / baby wipes / moist towelette… whichever you choose to call it
  • Make up will still be on your skin and stubborn eye makeup needs to go as well. WE already know that oil is one of makeup’s enemies. I coat my face with coconut oil to loosen whatever is left behind and also because it’s nourishing and protects my skin for the cleanse ahead. Wipe off excess oil.
  • Lastly, I wash my face with African Black soap and mama can I tell you? This removes the make up like it never stood a chance leaving my skin feeling clean.

Of course, after every wash you must follow up with a toner and moisturizer.


If you’d like more information or want to know about my complete skin care routine, comment below.



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