Update Update and…..you guessed it

Hey guys!

My last post made mention of an upcoming move.

Well now I have. I have officially moved! And Lord, was it a challenge!

I had planned to move from around 9 am. Turns out the landlady couldn’t accommodate me moving at that time. Fine. I could work around that BUT then my ride was not available for any time after that we had initially planned. I didn’t move till after 3pm.

That put a dent in my plans to go do some shopping downtown. (Yh mi go shapn dung town. So wah?) By this hour the rush hour traffic was coming along and I was not about to sit in it. I ended up going to a little pricier area and didn’t get everything I needed, just necessities for the night.

So far, I just started to get some sleep only due to the fact of trying to get home earlier and going straight to bed. For the first few nights, sleep evaded me. I could hear everything; water running, dogs barking, cricket chirping, music up the road, a pin drop. Everything! Plus the heat was too much. I’m dealing with those things and slowly getting everything into place for my comfort.


While I’ve been coordinating that, something has been laid as a foundation to build on. I got certified by Lyric Rochester International as a makeup artist. Working with Lyric, The Jamaican Makeup Artist was amazing. I left with a wealth of knowledge and a support system, an absolutely wonderful brush set, lashes and amazing mua friends that I still keep in touch with almost daily.

I created a new instagram page to showcase my work. Its Faced2Face. Follow the page for my makeup updates, tips and tricks and looks I do. You can also use that as a hashtag to follow as well #Faced2Face.

I am still extremely busy with work as retail and marketing often get fast paced at this time of the year. I’m still above the water breathing and will make it soundly out of 2015 and into 2016 with God and all of you!


Can’t wait for the future to unveil. Can you?

And by the way…I just got something in the mail…and they fit so well! 🙂20151204_142039[1]


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