Big Announcement!

Hi guys,

I know I have been MIA for a while.

Work and life has really taken me away! I promise though that it wasn’t all for nothing.

I have some big news to announce! And I’m so excited!

No. I’m not pregnant. Lol

I’ll be moving…physically… two senses.

I’m not moving out of the country but once again I’m going out into the cold cold world to face it on my own. Got my big girl pants already worn in so it just for me to get back in the game.

I’ll be moving into to a new place in a few weeks/days. I’ll share pictures when I’m done setting up (or better yet, décor tips). With this new move, I’ll be in a more accessible spot and will have much more time to SLEEEEEEP (oh gosh) and to dedicate to my blog or blogs. Hmmmm. Which is it?

That leads to announcement #2: As of January 2015 I will be on another blog.

Yes, you read correctly. Another one. It’s not exactly a move. This blog will focus solely on 3 things that tie into a ‘natural’ life, my natural life. I will be using that avenue to share as much as I can with the world about all I have learned since using mainly all natural products in my daily life.

I’ll post more about that later. Blog name, address, sneak peak, what it’s all about official launch date…I’ll keep in the loop.

This blog will still see posts about my personal life experiences where fir and where they fall into predefined categories.

Until that next update, keep sweet and see ya!

It’s back to work for me 🙂


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