Sugarplum Box: Tropical Jamboree

Get Excited!
Thats the tagline of Sugarplum Box and boy was I ever for this one!

This box is my third and I can say the excitement is way up with each. They definitely know how to build anticipation.

The Tropical Jamboree Box featured several things and I was excited about this box for more reasons than one (Are you ready for them?)

Inside the Tropical Jamboree box were:


  1.  #Corkcicle Canteen – The best thing for this heat. Keeps drinks cold for 20 hr and hot for 25 hours (I tried it, it works)
  2. Wild Cherry BBQ Sauce #BountyAndFull – I was definitely looking forward to this one because I have a pork-lover in my life and I couldn’t wait for him to try this. As a matter of fact, the very day the box arrived, we bought jerked pork just for this sauce. And it was Awesome-sauce (yh, I said it.) Chef Kelis done did it!
  3.  Coconut Glow Bronzing Mask – I was skeptical about this because I am a woman of colour, why would I need a bronzing moisturizer? It so happens to be very sheer, mess free, easy to rinse off AANNDD smells delicious!
  4. Sugar Sunshine Soap #TheCoiffedCafe – This smells great. A natural soap that smells like ginger (and I get a whiff of sugarcane too). My only problem with this is that ants love it and it doesn’t sud easily.
  5.  2 scented Shea Body Butters #ChizzledOrganics – Opening the additional parcel to see these just made me feel like Christmas came early. Who doesn’t like brawta? Two cute little jars of whipped shea butter. My scents are Stressless and Butter Love.
  6. #PolkaDotSwim bikini wrap – I wish you could see my facial expression. I am so ready for the beach!
  7. Mini Mag with recipes and such – The mini mag was brought back for this box and (that should be an extended and) I submitted content for it which was ultimately featured. Yes! Now you can see why I was overly excited. For my full list of Must Do Activities for the summer, just give its a lil click-sy 😉

The SugarPlum Box team have out-done themselves. They ship their boxes internationally so be sure to go reserve a box for yourself.

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