Must-Do Activities this Summer!

Summer is here! Though in the Tropics we experience summer all year round, you still get excited for the season so: ‘Summer is here!’

This is the time when we all have little more time on our hands and we frantically try to find ways to keep cool and enjoy the moment. We tend to travel a lot more during the summer to visit family and friends and have brand new experiences at home and abroad. This is also the time when you will hear the usual good advice and recommendations ‘keep hydrated’, ‘wear sunscreen and hats’, which all should be considered. But for those of us set on having a ‘chill’ summer here in our tropical isle, don’t be short on fun and exciting things to do to match the heat.

Here are some cool ideas to try this summer:

  • When you live on an island, going to the beach as an excuse for the heat is a no-brainer. Its second nature. But this summer, do more than that. Check out new local spots that you haven’t been to before. It may be the new movie theater, bowling alley, sports bar, you get the gist. Just get up and go out!
  • Haven’t seen friends in a while? The entire family is free this summer? Awesome! Have everyone over for dinner. Keep the work minimal by having an outdoor potluck under the shade of that big tree in the yard. Imagine the fun and laughter! Keep things summery and fresh by utilizing fresh local fruits in meals. Make it a Tropical Jamboreehammock-385600_1280
  • When you simply want to have a moment with yourself but the heat has you tormented, no worries. The shade of trees will come to your rescue. Get a hammock in the shade, lay there and fall asleep or read a book or two. Either way, you’ll love it out there!
  • For the days when the sun feels that much hotter and you can’t fill the pool up to take a swim, here’s something fun that can cool down the entire family. Dress for the weather and go play in the sprinklers! Your lawn will be happy but you will be even happier.
  • Now, for those nights when indoors seems unbearable, spend the night under the stars. Set up an area in your yard and ‘set up shop’. Make that backyard camping experience even better by throwing in some star gazing with that special someone *wink*.

Don’t let the summer heat beat you and don’t let the summer pass without you doing something fun! Remember that camera you’ve been sitting on? Whip it out and document your summer!


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