Thoughts on a Pillow….

I really am sad. I just came to that realization today. I am trying to be fine without a part of me I had had for so long and accepted as mine. While change is inevitable and we all do to survive, all my heart is really aching for is the familiarity it once had. The change was sudden. The change is permanent. A gap is left to be filled. So while the world carries on because it cares not abut the troubles of one small girl, A brave face must be put on. But how long can that hold up before the tears come through? Things can never go back to the way they were. History never rewinds, it only repeats itself. And that small truth is not enough to cover this loss. To accept the irreversible and move on with life while I still have it, Is what I must do But will I ever be able to find happiness again?


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