I recently got myself a gym membership and this is a change from my usual idea of working out.

While there are certain things that I can do that would make people call me fit, I have always held myself to a different set of standards from everyone else. As long as I can have involuntary muscular  contractions while putting on a pair of jeans, then I am NOT fit.

There are a few other standards that I will not get into at this moment (my mind is not on filter at the moment so lets stay in our lane). I went in thinking that I would have somebody there with me pushing me along to keep going, harder, 10  more, 5 more, rest. Not so. I was in this alone (for the most part).

I spoke with the instructor and told him my goal and the deadline to meet that goal. I asked what he’d suggest for me and he gave several suggestions.

Along with the workout routine, he suggested:

  • Cut back on sugar
  • Drink lots of water
  • Cut out bad carbs from my diet
  • Eat lots of protein

Sounds simple right? Nope. Initially I thought this was easy but unless I prepare all my meals at home I will not be able to eat healthy on the road.

Anywhooo, At the gym I though all of the work outs seemed easy enough. I should be able to get this over and done with in no time. Then it hit me. I am more out of shape than I thought. I was taking a break mid reps, I was sweating like crazy and on top of that I was grunting.

I’ve heard about the grunters and how annoying they are. All I can say is, “Turn up the music and grunt away, baby“. How can you not grunt while working out? Its unfathomable to me. just as unfathomable as working out without screwing up your face like Mike Tyson in a ring. With gym music or my own headset in, grunting is a must.

Besides, the grunting the sore muscles and aching began instantly. By the next day, I could barely walk. And guess what, I LOVED IT!


I am nowhere near my goal but according to everyone, I wasn’t that far from the goal to begin with. I am enjoying this period in life. *wink*


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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