Photo Friday Throwback: BIM!

Today I had to throw it back to my time in the East (Caribbean that is). My hair looked so fluffy. Who doesn’t love big fluffy hair? *warm, fuzzy feelings*

Take a look in my small suitcase. There is nothing in it and the Irish Spring, to prove that I actually went to ‘foreign’, is taking up valuable storage space meant for clothes. Every Caribbean person knows that you really never went to ‘foreign’ unless you bring back Irish Spring soap. Anywho, check out Kay’s throwback for this Friday.

I’m currently battling what may be severe allergies or the flu coming on but I am determined to have a productive , fun weekend. Have a great one loves!

6 thoughts on “Photo Friday Throwback: BIM!

    1. Thank you. I went to the doctor today and he prescribed things for me. Apart from my allergies he said I was pretty healthy (which is a surprise to me). Allergies are a real pain. The landfill burning has affected thousands of people here.

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      1. Ugh… Mine are just seasonal allergies, but I’m also allergic to dust, so I seem to have a runny nose pretty much year-round. I thought about doing the shots to desensitize myself, but I hate needles with a passion and my insurance stopped covering them, so that settled that. Hope you’re on the mend soon! 🙂


      2. Ooooo. I hate needles too and healthcare can be so expensive. Dust gets me sneezing like crazy. Funny story though, I went to colour festival this weekend (powder galore) and didn’t sneeze once. The new meds are working great. Just to get rid of the sniffles now.

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