Eating healthy is so hard

By no means does this mean that it cannot be done and I don’t argue with people who say that healthy eating is not hard. It is what you make it and I agree with that. I guess it means that I make healthy eating hard. Hmph. The thing is that I love flavourful food. I love fresh foods. I love fruits. I love vegetables. I love natural ingredients. I love trying new foods. I love low fat foods and occasionally my taste buds screw at processed sugars; occasionally. I prefer cooking with coconut oil and olive oil than any other oils.

Sounds like I’m on a good path to eating healthy, right?
I don’t like cooking that much. Fruits and veges are not as affordable as you think. They are cheaper in the market but I don’t go to the market…ever. I don’t mean to sound bougie. Plus I would be required to cook often so as to avoid all these fresh foods spoiling and going to waste.
Additionally, I have tried sticking to a healthy food routine on several occasions before and I have noticed the same thing every single time. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HUNGRY IN MY LIFE. Just so you know, this is after a meal, not before. I will eat a large amount of fruit to my fill and in a ridiculously short space of time I am hungry again. When I gave up meat for Lent some years ago, I found myself snacking way more than I have ever before. I snacked on healthy things like nuts and dried and fresh fruits but that still didn’t eliminate the underlying problem of still being hungry after a meal.
Recently I have decided to reduce my rice intake as such as possible along with my consumption of flour. This hasn’t been a hassle so far. Remember that, I’ll be coming back to it. I have also tried eating more fish and less of my favourite parts of the chicken (thigh, leg and wing). I dislike the breast. Its just so thick and I can count on one hand the times I have had a soft, juicy chicken breast from a restaurant or anyone*. The fish is lovely in sandwiches.

Absolutely loved escovietched from a fish fry in Spanish Town. The problem now arises in that I have not been able to recreate these great tasting fishes and I hate the fish smell that is left in the kitchen.
Now to that less rice thing. I recently had couscous for the first time…Loved it! Where can I get more in Jamaica? Please tell me if you know. It was moisture-hungry, if I can say that, but it didn’t take away from the fact that it was nice! I have also tried eating bulgur rice with gungo peas…Its so yummy when my uncle makes it. He’s an ital man. He uses all natural ingredients in everything he makes with minimal salt. I have to add a pinch to my plate after he cooks it.
I love trying new veggie rich meals but the ideas are so limited (not) and they are so expensive (yes).
So, who wants to be my personal chef?


* I have had chicken in the composed salad from Asia’s Café in York Pharmacy and that is well seasoned (though it looks otherwise). I have no idea how the meat is cooked without any sign of touching a hot surface.

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