Inside the Mind of: Bob Marley

Jah! Ras Tafari, Ever living , ever present, ever sure.

Yesterday, I man see everybody celebrating what dem is call my birthday. Jah pickney no have no start and no expire date. When you connect with Jah, you, inna yourself, becomes a part a everything.

Dem say me neva rich till Rita and my sons and daughters monetize mi legacy. A poor man is a man that count money and possession as riches. Me never poor, neva born poor. Is the system Babyblon set up fi blind black people. Why a man rich? Who give him anything? Man don’t have nutten but life and if everybody have it everybody deh pon di same level, nu so? So who make a man rich? Who fix that? I am a rich man. Rich man in life. Don’t talk bout my women and my children. Me and you may never know the full of it, but just know say a farmer neva yet plant 1 seed and expect a crop.

Um, mek me tell you something, mijarity of the people in the world, still no understand inna dem sense yet what um, the plan of Rastafari is outside of Rastafari. Rasta is the future still, rasta make rebels. We are rebelutionaries… Jah come fi man see say him fi free, yo u dig? Man nuh supposed to, supposed to, to deh aum, bow to a nex man. U dig?

Di whole a we need fi return to Africa. You see, in di mother land, di whole a we were all kings and queens. See, we need fi remember that the Christ set aside land fi we, first and foremeost and we are the chosen people, secondmost.  Di king a come from out of the east and the opposite from the west.

Fi deepa overstanding, a man inna himself have to stop and consider how fi get that overstanding. Di ungle way a man a go get that is thru Jah. Fi get to jah…the bessest way is through herb. Memba there is a voice inna every body and if you listen good, you will find di right way fi do something.

Di whole a we a Noah pickney dem enuh. Is just that Noah give Africa to Ham, di black man. Europe to the white man and Asia to the Chiney man , you know di yellow people.

War nuh fid eh happen enuh. Killing and dem tings? No man. Is jus man consciousness become mess up and all a these things happen. But God did done say him a separate the goat from the sheep. How? Bere natural disasters. Check it.

But all fi happen is for Africa fi unite. Unite a di promise land in Africa. Black people everywhere need fi get this message yes. Make di final working easier. So me is forever grateful fi di work mi family and queens and other Rastas do in spreading the message. Jah say it nah stop till it reach all who it fi reach. Peace and consciousness is what it is.

Africa unite! Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourself can free our mind.

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