On that matter of Sex

I don’t mean to jump right into all that erotic stuff as I get back but I just want to ask if others have had my observation too.

With all the sex being strewn about the media and it being so readily available to all, its still not something that is openly spoken about in the workplace.

Today was a relatively loose day at work. Both in terms of work load and idle talk. At work, I spent most of my day away from my desk. The young lady I sat with usually doesn’t speak much but today she did.
She was reading a novel of some sort and I suggested an author for her read. Before I knew it she was telling me about sex scenes from various books she read.

Was I uncomfortable? Oh hell yes!

Why did she feel comfortable enough to share this information with me? Was it because I suggested books to her and she immediately assumed they were of the same genre as the one she was reading?

Possible. But don’t you find that people are openly talking about sex in spaces that were once ‘sacred’ or ‘taboo’ to the topic?

Tell me what you think? Do you find that its so?




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