Great News! Upcoming Series

Hi everyone. I have some great news. I will be doing a new fiction series which looks into the mind and thoughts of famous deceased persons. Each post will be written from the perspective of that featured character.
It was initially meant to be an 8-week series officially rolling out in 2015. However, I thought how great it would be to include the people you’d like to get in the feature and have it go for longer than eight weeks.
You can (by commenting on this post) tell me the individual (fictional or real) whose mind you’d like me to explore.

*NB The fictional character must be either well known or easy to learn about.
This is fiction and, in some cases, fun will be poked.
Do not suggest characters without a back story eg. Guy Dangerous, Talking Tom.
If you think there is someone I shouldn’t do, comment the name below.

Thanks in advance for the input.


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