African Black Soap Review

Am I asking for too much too soon?
For the last month I have been cleansing my face, chest and shoulders with the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap alone

*Along with the soap I did a turmeric-lime mask twice, an aspirin mask once and tea tree oil everyday except for a week. Its pear season (avocado) and I have been eating them shamelessly everyday.

What do I have to say about it:

It does dry the skin out.
It really cleanses the skin.
Be careful what other products you use on your skin. The drying and exfoliant properties of the soap makes everything seem harsher/stronger.
I have been consuming oils and sugars but my face has not been breaking out.
THE BAD: I burned half my face off using the same tea tree oil I had been using before the soap.

In comparing a picture of my face the day I bought the soap and one of today, the acne scars have faded but I have to remind myself that it’s only been a month. I was expecting overnight results. My skin tone is slowly recovering from overexposure to the sun. On top of that my skin is smoother, making make up application flawless.

Final Recommendation: If you have the patience for the long haul, its for you.


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