Paradigm Shift or Nah?

Are we on the verge of a paradigm shift or are we trying to avoid one?

A paradigm shift happens when agents of change catalyse the change they want to occur. A change in world view is never something that everyone will agree on and want at the time it happens.

The world, as is, seems to be revolving around (now thwarting away from) the idea of global economic dominance belonging to those countries that seem or proclaim to be better off. On top of that, the purist mentality, as it relates to intimate relationships, is becoming more and more relaxed. Albeit a difficult journey through time, for some countries or groups within countries, the change seems to be happening.


The wars in the Middle East are not going to stop any time soon simply because the great United States of America and the Arab Emirates have thrown their support behind Syria in fighting against ISIS. Not all forms of violence should be supported but what if this is the way to lead to a new view? *I am full aware of the fact that if ISIS came across me, I’d be no more but that is beside my point. Change doesn’t happen overnight and these kinds of wars didn’t begin yesterday.

What could be the end result of this? Possibly one monotheistic religion to govern us all; the ‘unlearning’ of religious tolerance, duplicity and coexistence.

Fundamentalist purists would have the world remain the way they say it should be: The importance/dominance of the Nuclear Family above all other forms and above whatever perversion we may call love and attraction. With that being said and many fundamentalist thinkers still being around, one cannot deny that there is another struggle going on in the world. The nuclear family is no longer being seen as the only unit to produce families and functional little human beings. Interracial couples are everywhere. They are fearless. After all, love doesn’t see skin colour. The increase of single parent families and extended families would mark the beginning of the of this paradigm shift and the increased boldness and demands for acceptance of homosexuals, their lifestyle and same-sex family unit, could be seen as the midst or end of the shift (I would say the former). As it relates to interracial couples, I honestly think  some good scientific research could come from this. Same sex families raise children, some of whom are quite fine and functional in society and, if I may add, heterosexual. Pride parades are gaining more support, more persons are taking the step of ‘coming out of the closet’, women are becoming more independent in child-rearing, fathers (yes, not a typo) are willing to raise children on their own. Not everyone agrees to these things even though they accept the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and choices.

What could be the end result of this? Population control for one! The widespread learning of sexual tolerance/acceptance; the eradication of not just homosexuals but everyone who is sexually adventurous; either the creation of more races or the eradication of several.

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