African Black Soap

I have been hearing and reading a lot of good things about the African Black soap and an aunt of mine recommended it to me as well.

This soap cost less than JMD$1000 at Proactive Lifestyle
This soap cost less than JMD$1000 at the Proactive Lifestyle Store

I have been plagued with acne  for as far back as I can remember. As I got older it spread to my chest and shoulders. I can only remember 2 years of my teenage life that I was acne free. that was the period when my doc had recommended some harsh, skin drying chemicals that gave me clear skin for two years. Then acne kicked back like ‘biatch, I ain’t going no where!’

I got tired of the chemicals and the expense of them and started using all natural (or as close to it as I can get) to cleanse my skin and treat my acne (especially since I found I have eczema on top of that.)

I am currently using Clean and Clear Foaming face cleanser to wash my face then I tone with their salicylic acid astringent (on my forehead because the next product I am going to list apparently doesn’t work there). I also tone with a witch hazel and thyme solution.  After those I apply tea tree oil to areas that need its potency.


I have been wearing make up a lot more than I did a few months ago yet I find my breakouts are fewer and less frequent. The African Black Soap is said to my great in clearing up skin blemishes and I hope it works for me. I have used it a few times already and  do far I am loving:

  • the fact that it lathers very easily
  • it does not burn my eyes
  • cleanses thoroughly
  • I have never actually put the soap bar itself on my face but it does exfoliate. I had a mark on my cheek that has been ex foliated by the soap and is looking smaller already.
  • smells delicious. I kid not. It smells like candy or something edible.



I will use this for the entire month and see what results I get.


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