Photo Friday: Firsts


Ok, Ok, Maybe I am overdoing this Firsts thing…but they really are all my firsts (that I have in photo form).

  1. My first taste of Mexican food from Cafe Sol in Barbados came with happy hour drinks…I miss the food and drinks but not the happy hour style…too much alcohol too fast.
  2. My very first attempt at making stewed peas. I was craving it before I gave up meat for Lent one year and just made some.
  3. My very first kitten, coming through a window. I fell in love with cats thereafter.
  4. My very first haircut. This was as a result of premature locking of my hair. It taught me a lesson.

After all this that I have given you to take in, head on over to Kay’s blog and see her photos for today.

Have a great weekend loves and SMILE! 🙂


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