Photo Friday: Ball

This is a Flashback Friday of sorts.

I decided to take ‘ball’ not as the object but the event. Even though the actually event was an annual dinner it sure does look like I was going to a ball. Don’t you think?

Check out Kay’s interpretation of ‘ball’. Have a great weekend and remember to put one of these 🙂 on

5 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Ball

  1. I love balls! The night Seymour and I got engaged, we were supposed to be going to a military ball hosted by his college’s ROTC program. Unbeknownst to me, we’d missed the ball by three days, but he wanted an excuse to get me all dressed up so he could propose. It was a wonderful night, but I told him the other day that we still need to go to that ball one of these years (especially now that I can wear all my pretty formal dresses again). 🙂


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