I’m Pleased…

Granted, I was more optimistic about the future at 50 than I am at 52 but nonetheless, Happy Independence my beautiful island home, Jamaica.


Photo credit: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRelAsqk-IvtjX3GsxQeD4-Eo8G7bl1DZB_OLtJvFLaVrPsN11zzw

Who knows, who knows, who knows, who knows
I just go where the trade winds blows
Sending love to my friends and foes
And I suppose I’m pleased
To be chilling in the West Indies
Jah provide all my wants and needs
I got the sunshine rivers and trees
Green leaves.. oh yea – Chronixx

Today Jamaica turns 52 years old! I love my island paradise and I’m happy for the progress we have made. (All about the positivity today guys). Due to how our anthem is prayer. Our national flag in itself is a symbol of our courageous nation. The black represents the strength of our people, the yellow states that the sun shineth there and the land is green (naturally represented by the green in the flag). If mi country good one more time!

Rain a fall but the dutty tough. – Ms Lou


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