Astigmatism? I think not!

I need new contacts lens. I wanted a fresh pair for my friend’s upcoming wedding. Having had problems with the type I have had for some months I decided to get my eyes tested again before brand consultation and ordering a new batch.

I went in to see the doc. A woman this time, which shocked me. The rotation here shocks me, granted the last time I tested my eyes was in 2012 when I got contacts for the very first time.
At the end of my eye test she told me something I already knew then two things that surprised me. The first thing she said was “You are near sighted“…No shit Sherlock! Then she said “Your prescription has not changed.” That shocked me! Considering my eyes went from fine to blurry to bat-blind in a few short years, I found it interesting that they had not deteriorated any further since 2012. My eyes have been through the storms seas ya heard! Then she goes on to say “But now you have astigmatism“.

Excuse me? Astigma-what? Why is this woman giving me this diagnosis? Why is she giving me astigmatism? I don’t have it and I don’t want it. I know this might sound like the heights of denial but hear me out. For those who may need more information on astigmatism <—— Click and read. Now, all this woman did was an automated refraction which lasted for a few seconds and then a manual refraction which I found annoying. Of all the lenses she put before my eye while doing the manual refraction only 1 distorted the look of the chart by scrunching the letters together. I told her this and stuck to the clearer lenses…no more twisting and turning.

While I do spend a lot of time reading and sitting before a computer screen or on my cell phone here are my reasons for not subscribing to her diagnosis:

Astigmatism usually causes vision to be blurred or distorted to some degree at all distances.

Symptoms of uncorrected astigmatism are eye strain and headaches, especially after reading or other prolonged visual tasks.

Squinting also is a very common symptom.

  • I rarely feel eye strain. I doubt I ever do because what I consider eye strain my very well just be discomfort from prolonged wear of my contact lens.
  • I don’t have frequent headaches. As a matter of fact, I have headaches on Sunday…Sunday afternoons to be exact and this has been a trend ever since I was a child. Maybe another blog post exploring that should be next.
  • After prolonged visual tasks I do not experience the symptoms above.
  • I squint when not wearing my glasses or contacts and people, hello, I’m near sighted. I think squinting is a ridiculous symptom. The whole world squints for one reason or another! Its a language.

I have decided to collect my free (well partially free) contacts from these folks, rock them out for a bit then order my new set. I do not have astigmatism. Am I saying that doc is wrong? I am saying that doc is not always right.

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8 thoughts on “Astigmatism? I think not!

  1. I do have astigmatism. It’s a pain. My oldest son is nearsighted, though, and his vision did the same thing as yours – went downhill in a hurry. But he didn’t say anything about it right away; it was only when he couldn’t read his video game menu on our 60″ TV from across the room that we realized something was wrong.


    1. I was told I needed glasses upon entering high school. I got them, never wore them. Then when I started University I realized That I could not see the screen in my lectures. Started wearing that old pair from 7 years back then lost it in a month. It seemed like literally one month between me seeing fine then not being able to see anything clearly.


      1. That’s weird. I was about halfway through my freshman year of high school when I was told I needed glasses. The only thing I ever wore them for was reading the board in class; otherwise, my vision was fine. But when I was pregnant with Bubbles, my vision took a dramatic turn for the worse and I’ve had to wear the stupid things (or my equally stupid contacts) every day since.


      2. I’m not a good pregnant woman – I’m too sensitive to hormone fluctuations. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a baby moving around in your belly. 🙂


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