I feel the need to rant.

Last Saturday I did my hair, or rather, I got it done. After finding a hairdresser I was willing to try, my mother dragged me to someone else saying “She does hair neat and since her mother died I’d rather her get the money.”

*NB My mother is not paying for this hair style enuh!

Anyhow, after I made arrangements with this girl and she charged me $4500 and a whole day to do the hair less than 4 days later the locks have begun to unravel. Ok. I wasn’t upset because I had already decided to ‘stand mi hand’ and as long as they didn’t fall out I would be fine.

BUT TODAY after travelling and the wind blowing in my hair one particular lock looked like when a  granny’s knee-length stocking fell to her ankle revealing her shrivelled legs! Mi ben’

Then to add insult to injury while in a school office waiting for assistance a parent come up to me and says “A true. Di hair nuh do good.” To which I replied “And she charge a bag a money fi it.”

Now woman, I don’t know you so I was being polite but this woman starts talking about if she a do hair and saying me fi see roun’ a di back and bout 15 time she say “di hair nuh do good”.

So me get cross and said  “I heard you!”

Then she felt like shutting up!

Sascrise! A come talk bout me hair and me deeven say nutten to her bout har clothes, bathroom slippers and cellulite. Huh? Di injustice!

Jah kno star. It annoys me when people feel the need to make a prolonged comment on what concerns them not. Not even my mother commented for such a long period of time.


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