New Lippies!

I dedicate this post to the beautiful girl (I mean gorgeous woman) thDSC01328at told me black women show never be afraid of wearing read lips.

Congratulations on your marriage Gabrielle. I am so happy for you!





While I did not buy a red lipstick on this trip I did spot one bold one and will be back to get it. I found two colours that I liked and decided to take home to try. These are drug store (pharmacy) brands cause a girl ain’t got money to be spending on a name!


This colour is Purple by Santee Juicy Lips.

I love the fact that this smells like bubble gum.

I don’t like that it is so glossy. It almost feels oily but I guess that just means no top gloss will be needed.

I also do not like that it takes several coats to build up to a visible purple.

DSC01405This colour is called Smoky Peach by Klean Colour Twinsies.

I like the fact that it takes just two swipes and its on.

It has some shimmer which I had not bargained for but can live with.

I also like the way it looks. It almost has that everyday-wear-ability look to it .

Which colour is your favourite? And what do you think I should try next?

By the way, are you liking the new hair?


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