You want to be a Stripper, huh?

If  someone told me that they wanted to become a stripper, I wouldn’t judge. If a child told me I would most definitely ask why because children always have hilarious explanations for things. But on a real note being a stripper is not totally as bad as we have been made to think it is.

Physical strength

Strippers are some strong women. They can manage their own body weight and for a woman of 133 lbs with no upper body strength, I commend all who can do push ups and what-not. Strippers can lift weights on their backs that are akin to a soldier’s back pack.

Endurance to dance in heels

Along with physical strength, they have some endurance levels. My endurance levels peaked in 2009 and who knows what happened afterwards? Reality? hmmm. I can tell from experience, dancing in heels is no easy task, Besides that, all women can attest to how painful heels can be after prolonged wear. Strippers got them horse-foot-muscles going on!


I don’t want to stereotype but certain folks can tell you how hard it is to dance to a beat, any beat. Add a stationary object to it and then its over. It takes skill and great coordination to move in such a manner and to make a pole look good while you are at it. Hats off to you!


Self confidence is something that everyone should have a garden-full of. Many (wo)men are self conscious and not comfortable with the way their bodies look. On the one hand, some are terrified of getting naked and even wearing swimwear. Strippers, on the other hand,  are completely comfortable with their bodies. So much so that they can work in next to nothing and not be phased. They own it! The good, the bad and the ugly!

Great sales people

Stripping, pole dancing, gyrating, whatever. It takes great thought and planning to determine what to do when to get the results you want. Strippers are sales people. For now I am going to say they are sales persons of time and attention. To get an individual to buy into it takes tactic (which may or may not involve the use of alcohol).


Strippers have no time to be complacent. They know how competitive it is in their field and as such they are always working on crafting their skill. There is a time limit on the job and before  that time runs out, they want to milk it. No stripper wants to be replaced by the next best thing or referred to as “she was good last year“. They know and constantly remind themselves that there is someone who is younger and prettier than them that can do what they do, better than them. This is something people in general need to remember. Work on your craft!

Pride in physical appearance

Strippers take pride in their physical appearance and this may be due to confidence or the fact that they are in a highly competitive field.  Strippers for the most part, are toned and have flat stomachs and  defined biceps and triceps and the whole nine yards! They have their bodies right! I can’t imagine that they are all healthy but they sure do look it!

They understand how to break the bond between a man and his money

A man and his hard earned cash are like a father and his newborn child. Its hard to rip them apart (i.e. if he wanted the child in the first place). A man who is not lacking something in life won’t throw away his money willy-nilly and more and more sober men are going to watch women dance (and whatever else it is that strippers do). It is now harder for strippers to get tips but they somehow know just what to do to turn Mr. Tight into a tipper.


Strippers can make a lot of money. So much money they could live well off it. A good stripper at a good joint could make more than US$1000 a night and up to US$ 500 a day in tips. I didn’t make that at my last job! And people would think it was a respectable corporate job and a stripper made more in a night than I earned in a month!!! This is why Missy  Elliot said, “ain’t no shame baby, do yo thang! Just make sure you ahead of the game!


Listen, don’t bash people and their ambitions. You never know the full story or their potential for success.



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