I’m being followed

Your character notices that a stranger is following her. She pretends not to notice. The stranger follows her home and watches her go inside. Then when he leaves, your character turns the tables and starts to follow him….

It’s that time again. Finally! Chris grabbed her keys and Starbucks remains and headed to wards the door. As she adjusts the cross strap of he bag for the long walk home she notices the firmament. The sun echoes her rush to get home as it sinks quickly behind the skyline.

Around her are busy, bundled-up individuals going about their business. It was the usual evening scene. ‘I wonder what I’m gonna make for dinner tonight? I’m not feeling the stove at all’ thought Chris as she approached a familiar corner with all but one strange face. ‘Oh, Frank’.

“Hey Frank, I didn’t get a chance to run to lunch today but here is some money,” she said, handing five dollars to the man sitting on the tattered cardboard under the a tree. “Get yourself something to eat for dinner when the truck comes by.” Frank was lame and Chris was drawn to his humble spirit. She would give him food from her lunch errands each day. Frank was the one of the good constants in her life.

“Gee, thanks doll. Bless you!” Frank replied.

As Chris walked off she heard sounds but it could very well be her fatigue. It got dark fast and Chris is just wanted to get home and rest. It had been the most ‘corporate’ day of her life. One could understand.

There was no need to over-think it but Chris could hear faint tap-tappings  behind her. She took a quick glance behind her just to be sure. Everyone was minding their own business, as suspected.

Four corners later, Chris was nearing home and her strides shortened. Then as the imps would have it, she tripped and almost landed flat on her face save for fast-acting adrenaline. She sprung up immediately and looked around to see if anyone had caught her embarrassment. That’s when she noticed it.

The dirty-looking  man in a big trench coat with his head down.

She saw him at Frank’s tree. And again when her paranoia looked around.

Why was he here still, behind her? Were they going to the same street? Why wasn’t he walking when she looked around? Had he already reached his stop?

‘Is this paranoia or is he really following me?’

Chris continued and decided to take a slightly different route home. Riding her adrenaline high she picked up her pace and walked a little faster. Before she took the straight to her house, she flashed her mane and took a peek behind her.

There was the coat. Flashing into an unlit street she had passed. He was still there. ‘This had better be in your plan, Chris.

Chris ran up to her door, key in hand and opened her front door in 0.5 seconds. She went inside and turned a light on.

In another room she peaked through the curtain to noticed the suspicious man standing across the street looking at her house. ‘Who is he? What does he want? Why did did he follow me home?

Shortly after, he walked away. Head down. ‘What did he want?’

Apparently, still riding on adrenaline, Chris quickly jumped into her jogging pants and running shoes and headed through the door.

“Now where did you go?”

Chris began to trail his ‘scent’. She stayed on her side of the street and walked with the shadows and the trees. She kept a safe distance from him. ‘What are you doing? Are you crazy? This man could kill you!

Chris’ need to get to the bottom of things took over. There is always a story and somebody has to get it, and then tell it (if they survive).

He walked casually for a mile, head still down.

Then he walked to a dark house and then his head came up. He walked to the front door, or what remained of it, and went inside.

Chris stopped and watched from behind a shrub. No lights came on. Nothing seemed to move.

She decided to cross the road and sneak up to the side of the house. Once there, her breath was still as she peeked through a window. She squinted to get a look of anything but nothing. No light, no life.

“What are you doing here?”

Chris fell backwards in shock! The trench coat was towering over her.

“Please don’t hurt me!” she whimpered as the air had been knocked from her lungs.

He bent over and  Chris screamed as she saw an arm coming towards her face.

“Relax. Give me your hand.”

She accepted and he pulled her up.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as she brushed her self off frantically.

“I’m sorry, to follow you but you followed me home. I saw you.” 

“I know you did and I am sorry.” he said. Head down again. “But Frank asked me to keep and eye on you and ensure you got home safe each day.” 

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