Can’t leave home without it!

In recent times I have noticed that I cannot pack light when I travel. It doesn’t matter if its for a month or just a weekend, it’s going to be a lot of baggage. I don’t blame it on being a girl because my friends have mad packing skills or just need to travel with half the things I do. There are just some things (for varying reasons) that I cannot leave home without.

Face Cleanser


Cotton Balls

Baby Wipes – my fingernails and hands are never as dirty as when I am out travelling 

Eye-liner Pencil – its a 2-in-1 for my brows and eyes.

Lip gloss

Panty liners – Lifesavers, I tell you. Try not to sneeze or laugh too hard…lol

I didn’t even bother to mention the necessities of tooth brush and clothes just the oddities that I never see anyone else travel with.

What are some things you cannot leave home without when you know you are going to be away for a while?


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