A Beautiful Sight

I recently had the opportunity to see another beautiful side of nature and unfortunately, my camera was too far away for me to snap pics of the sight.

As we descended the mountain’s winding roads I looked to my left through the window to have an idea of what the weather might be like where I was headed. Though it was miles away, we were high enough to see a very great distance over the hills and plains.

What I saw before me was an ashy grey cloud spread broadly through the sky. The magnificent part was that the cloud seemed to have let down a large, similarly coloured column/leg down to the ground. Heavy rains so thick, you couldn’t begin to see through, was pelting a section in the distance.

To the left of the column was a mist, sort of like the train to a dress, trying to catch up to the major showers. And to the right was glorious sunshine giving radiance to the beautiful greens of the hillsides.

It was magnificent to behold! Two areas so close to each other experiencing such different weather at the same time. So drastic was the difference and so clear-cut was the column of rain that one could easily stand in both weathers and enjoy wet-cold and dry-warmth at the same time.

It would be nice to just walk from one into the other.

Tell me of a beautiful sight you’ve seen.


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