If Only…

“Do you remember the first night you spent with me?”
“How could I forget?”
“I miss moments like that”
” I miss them too”, Shari replied, knowing that she missed so much more.
“Could we ever get them back?”
“I told you its too late to try.”
“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?”, Devon asked, closing in on Shari as she blankly stared at the night from the window. “Look me in the eye and tell me, you don’t want ‘us’ anymore. Tell me you don’t miss what we had. Tell me you don’t lay awake at nights thinking about me. Shari, look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me anymore…because I love you.”
“I….” she paused as she took the risk and connected with him. She quickly looked away.
” Just tell me that and I will leave you alone.”
“I am going to regret this” Shari whispered as she stepped closer. Too close. “You are not a monster. I don’t hate you. I don’t think I ever could. I just cannot do this again. I would die if I had to endure one more hurt from you.”
“I know and I’m sorry for walking away. It was stupid. I was so bent on fixing my life that I didn’t realize what my choice meant. I am truly sorry. I don’t want a life without you in it.” He said while gently cupping her face. Her eyes were sad but he saw more. “I’ve missed you so much” he uttered as he slowly leaned in.

He stopped himself as his lips brushed hers but he couldn’t pull back. Neither could she.
They could never deny the chemistry and connection they shared. He knew her thoughts and she pulled on his.
They stood there savouring the moment, breathing each others air. Then she lost it. Self control went through the window as Shari threw her arms around Devon and pulled him into a deep I’ve-missed-you-more-than-you-know kiss.
Devon wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her so close there was no end and no beginning. He vowed never to let her go. Shari was much too valuable.

“Devon,” Shari uttered as she broke the kiss, “I still love you”

Devon smiled, with his heart and eyes.

*PING* went another instant message.

Aren’t you going to answer me?’ From Devon.

Her heart sank.
‘I’m going to bed now. And don’t you have work in the morning?’

Its my day off.’ He types. ‘I want an answer and don’t lie. Be honest with me please’

‘I already told you. No I don’t miss you and its too late now. I’ve already moved on with my life. You should too. Good night.’
*Shari signs out*

‘What if I don’t want to?’

‘I love Shari’

‘Goodnight and sweet dreams’


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