As the Waves Crashed

“That’s the sound of the sea”, I was told. I held the shell to my ear again and listened as the waves crashed. They were different. They called but only faintly, nothing like my memory of my first encounter with the sea. Of course I was a tot so what did I know? Apparently the sea, miles away, is and will forever be connected to my seashell. I was led to believe.


That moment of nervousness that gets you to behave in a way that is contrary to your usual self. Always the one in control, observing as the other flinches under your dominance. Not this time. Eye contact seems almost taboo. We never look at each other at the same time. If you do, I look away. So as we break the ice I stare at the lights of the night sky as the waves crashed.


I will admit. I was startled. I jumped as the waves crashed into the unseen barrier. From the corner of my eyes I was fooled. I walked towards the sound of the sea. I laughed at the silliness and my gullibility. Who on earth needs a TV the size of their entire wall?






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