I just want you to be happy

All I really want right now is for you to be happy.  Sure you’ll tell me that all you need to be happy is me, but honestly happiness should only be complemented by company not created by it.

I want you to feel a sense of contentment and satisfaction whether I am in the picture or not. That’s where love comes in a messes up the entire situation. Love wont allow you to see a life without the things/ones you love. It dulls the senses of all things but pain, when you are faced with the reality of love being ripped from your grip.

On a regular day I feel emotionally numb or disconnected. Then I think of the pain that one is going through and I feel something. I feel sad. That’s how I know I’m still alive and I haven’t turned into a monster just yet. That’s when I think “I need to fix this situation but how?”I want to feel again. More than just sadness. Love maybe. But then that would only complicate things more. How can love help in fixing a problem when clear judgement is needed?

I remember this voice saying “Just hang in there. Stay positive. Things will work out.”

Will they? When a situation based on mutual compromise will leave one unhappy, does that make sense?

This sounds like the ramblings of my 16-year-old mind. Quite a throwback but the sentiment is very relevant. I just want you to be happy, genuinely happy.



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