What’s there to Lose?

According to  Urban Dictionary (and I love this definition) a Kept Woman is

A glorified whore. A woman that gives up her body in exchange for gifts, and room and board. You can slap a wedding ring on it if you wanna, but you’re still whoring yourself out.
Melania Trump is a kept woman.
by AP Tiffany M. May 29, 2007


The phenomenon of the kept woman is nothing new. It’s been a round for quite some time and at one point I thought, well those women are living the life. I could see how a woman who knows what she wants could enter a relationship with a man only for what she can get out of it. I could see it! But once you start hearing the stories from the inside you can’t help but begin to wonder about these women.

What are they thinking?                        What is life worth to them?

What are they giving up?                           What do they have to deal with?

Have they considered the risks?       Are they prepared for the possibilities?

Let’s look into it. Most, but not all, kept women don’t work because they don’t have to. The relationships they enter becomes their source of income. Kept women are usually young and very attractive and the men they date are never in the same age cohort as themselves. These men are wealthy (business) men that will sign checks to pay bills without really looking at the cost. These men do not necessarily have the time to keep a brainy woman in this position, its simply too much work. The woman they want has to be a trophy. She has to look good and know expensive even if she cannot afford that on her own. She doesn’t need to know much because she won’t be required to speak much. She just needs to look good. That’s all that matters.

Such a woman has me thinking, have they lost all self worth? Sure you deserve good things but whatever happened to your independence? I can’t imagine solely depending on a rich man and his whims to survive. I will age and I will be replaced. What then? Some of them have to deal with less than charming men to get what they want. This ranges from bring downright degraded to as far as enduring abuse and putting their own healths and lives at risk. I can’t imagine giving up my voice to try and charm a man out of his money or sit around waiting for him to remember that he has me to maintain.

The possibilities are endless with this. What if the wrong man is picked and you end up dead when he finds out there was no love but you just wanted the money and the good  life? This happens to the half-smart ones. They are actors, I dare say, Great Pretenders. They will make the man feel as though his dreams are coming through. All while portraying a loving woman, they are scheming, plotting, changing wills and filling up their offshore bank accounts under their great grand-aunt’s and granny’s fake names. These women leave men broken and jaded and vulnerable to acts of violence they didn’t dream of committing. The smart ones do all of this without being caught.

At the end of the day, what do they look back on as their proudest moments? What knowledge do they pass on to their children?

Sure this is how it used to be back in the days when men took fathers’ responsibility through marriage to his daughter, but women have come too far to go back to being someone’s property through cash.




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