Don’t Judge Sleepers

We all know that one person that is always sleeping when everyone else is awake and busy undertaking tasks. We also all know that one person that can fall asleep anywhere at any time.

I recall going to a banquet years ago in high school and arriving late with others from my region. We were seated at the only available table…the one at the front of the room. I also remember that one particular guy could not be seated with us and was placed at a table with some teachers and facilitators. Shortly after having his dinner and the guest speaker began, that was him at the front, with his head on the table sleeping.

It’s normal to hear that people who sleep a lot are either lazy or lack something (in their blood). That’s what I’ve always heard and believed till I went to university and found out how treasured and rare this beautiful thing called sleep could be! Now, I don’t knock them.

I recently read that lack of sleep can lead to heart disease! Heart Disease! Leave the ppl dem alone and mek dem sleep ya! The troubling part was that it was not just something that could happen over time, but that just one night (one degge degge night) of less than 4 hours sleep can result in your blood vessels being less flexible.

The researcher believes that a sleep-deprived brain directly signals blood vessels to become stiff and unresponsive…making your heart and body work harder to overcome an out-of-order vascular system.

-The Gleaner

Dr. Shahrad Taheri conducted the study and the Gleaner featured it.

Don’t be so quick to judge the sleepers. They are looking out for their long-term health.


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