32 Flavours

It’s not your Baskin Robbins but these are just 32 flavour that I think are noteworthy and I would want the whole world to experience:


  •           Coffee with nutmeg
  •          Lemonade
  •          Rosemary tea
  •          Grapefruit Juice
  •          Cherry Juice
  •          Manish Water



  •           Warm cinnamon buns
  •          Brownies
  •          Patty crusts


Fruits & Veggies

  •          Otaheite apples
  •          Strawberries
  •          Ockra
  •          Crunchy vegetables
  •          Roasted pineapple
  •          Sautéed broccoli



  •          Curry chicken with ginger
  •          Pig’s tail
  •          Mala Chicken
  •          General Tso Chicken
  •          Pork sausage
  •          Pepperoni


  •          Cherry Cheesecake
  •          Grapenut ice cream
  •          Cream cheese
  •          Parmesan Cheese
  •          Island Dairy’s Ice Cream Cake (no longer in production)



  •          Mint sweets
  •          Caramel
  •          Reese’s cup
  •          Snickers bar








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