A Plot of Land

If dem did a sell di land beside the house and yuh did have the funds, you woulda buy it?” asked daddy.

“No!” I replied with an expression suggesting he had to be crazy.

I am still of the sway that if I am going to buy a plot of land it would most definitely not be close to home. Land, anywhere, is expensive. The thought of owning my little piece of the rock is a great one. If in a near perfect world I was to be given a plot of land and I had the financial resources to do whatever I pleased with it, here is what would happen:

I would 1st build up my contacts in the country of persons who have the links of knowing when celebrities and the particularly wealthy come to the island to vacation. I would find out the intricacies of what they require when they do.

2nd I would build on that piece of land a house I drew a design for years ago when I was a dreaming teenager. The house would be situated on the middle of the land, a good distance from the entrance. It would have a long, palm-tree-riddled drive way to the house’s main entrance. There would be a foyer, a main hall, magnificent staircase, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, an inviting balcony, living room area, dining area, large garage and an equally large laundry area.

3rd on my list would be to hire staff to work the grounds in whatever capacity is needed and those to guarantee maximum security from the wayward eyes of outsiders.

4th would be to utilize my links and then some to get the word out about the place and how its suited for the ‘high rollers’.
The next thing to do would be to watch the cash roll in.

Now back to reality.






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