Sincerely, Universe.

It was a morning like any other. Claire opened her eyes to still dark room. The alarm was being it’s overly happy self. Plat. Her feet touched the cold tiles.  ½ way through step one of waking up. Now to pull the curtains back.

“There you are,” she said to the sunshine bursting through the windows and filling the room.

Everything was just as it was the night before. Everything except that. That small package on the boudoir. Rubbing the remainder of sleep from her eyes, Claire picked up the package. ‘Claire, Thought you needed an A.R.K.’ read the note on the front.

“What? No sender? No return Address? How did it even get in here?” Claire questioned.

Claire ripped the package to reveal its contents – a box clearly stating that the sender had expensive taste and another note.

Claire read Dear Claire, don’t be alarmed. You must be wondering how this package got to your room. Don’t sweat the small stuff – your security system works just fine. It seemed that you haven’t been able to catch a break in a while and you really do deserve one. This is where that box you are holding comes in. In it is $10,000. All yours. All free.’

Claire sat on something as this was too much to take-in for a head that was sleeping and knees which had been off-duty since early last night. Don’t worry about your appointments and plans’ the note continued, ‘They have been cancelled…for the week. Consider this your break. Now go on, enjoy it. Sincerely, Universe.

Claire sat frozen, staring at the box in her hand. $10, 000? All hers. No strings attached? A bit hard to accept but Claire tried.

~~~~~ ¤ ~~~~~ 

‘Is this even possible?’ Claire kept wondering as the water from the shower beat down on her head and reassured her that she was in fact, very much awake.

“Well if this is my break I am sure as heck not going to waste it!” came from her lips with assurance.Claire hopped from the shower and approached the box. For the first time she opened it and laid her eyes on crisp, clean bills. She ran her fingers over the money. Its real! The money is real.

Without checking her messages or calling a soul, Claire got dressed and headed out. It would be a busy week. It would be the beginning of the rest of her life. The life she dreamed of.

Claire spent day 1 moving between several banks depositing cash in new and existing accounts. A trust was created solely for the higher education of her younger and only sister.

Day 2 was still business. Claire found a portfolio manager- the best portfolio manager and began a series of investments and began trading on the stock market.

Day 3 was paranoid day. The inner cheapskate that was growing in the last few months of being on rock bottom came to maturity. Claire bought every necessity that she had been without for months and vowed to not waste them. She also vowed to not live like she had millions.

Day 4 – 6 was spent visiting close friends that she had not seen since she began to isolate herself from anyone and anything that would remind her that things were not going her way.

The last day of unrestrained freedom was spent in reflective solitude.

“To think that just a few days ago I was just a little old speck on the face of the earth, working a job I hated, a job that didn’t pay. I was this close to being consumed by depression after every option I tried failed and here I am today. 10,000 times better off than I was before. I can now live. I can now do what I have always wanted to do, live and not just exist! Who knew I mattered to the universe? Well I am glad I do and thank you, Mr. Universe…I don’t even know what you call you…universe. If anything, I thought you hated me. Thanks for giving me back my vision.”


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