Show and Tell

Out with Old and In with New, is it?

In this day and age, so many things that we have memories of growing up, no longer exist. I remember the women I admired most as a child were rather modest in their dress and in their dealings.
I remember wonder what their lives must be like behind closed doors. Certainly that could not be that well composed and put together 24/7!

Today we no longer have to worry about that! That wonder is gone! Women wear what they want, when they want, with no regard for the appropriateness of time and place.

How can you deliberately set out to show your thong to the world on a summer day?

Since when does a sheer top mean ‘no bra’s allowed’?

Since when is spreading word of your sexual prowess- much in the way that men do- the thing to do?

How do you play a part in infidelity and adultery and sleep well at nights?

Why do women now show and tell the world how they operate in their private life? Do they not know the definition and premises of privacy?

I understand owning your body and doing what you will with it but how does that justify such a show of great self-disrespect?

I believe that all people, women especially, should be like a good book. The cover tells you one thing and as you flip through the pages you are wowed by what you discover to be recorded therein. There are some treasures that shouldn’t be rewarded to the whole world. Select who they will be revealed to and surprise them with how much is held behind a beautiful exterior!


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