Are women natural leaders? – Commentary – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | March 30, 2014

Are women natural leaders? – Commentary – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | March 30, 2014.

The guest columnist is a pitiful man.

On Sunday March 30, 2014 the Jamaica Gleaner published an article, Are Women Natural Leaders?, that sparked much debate.

Twitter, Facebook and the Disqus comments below the article were the main forums for the debate. Women and some men voiced their opinions all against what the columnist stated. A few men, scattered here and there, agreed with him. This is my response to a second read of the article. My first read was littered with hisses, rolling of the eyes, almost non-completion and repetition of the fact that this man needs a good slap in the head. Now that I am calmer I can better respond.

The very first thing that MW made clear to me is that men and women are not of the same social standing. Not biologically equal, not economically on par but social! He obviously does not think highly of his own mother then. But who am I to say? He may have been raised by his father and has to relations whatsoever with his mother.

“In fact, the concept of gender equality is the greatest threat to family life. It has resulted in dysfunctional families, the degradation of societal mores, and even sexual perversions.”Did I read correctly? A woman seeking to be respected and treated equally to a man is the reason our society is dysfunctional? A woman believing and accepting that she is not less than another has lead to sexual perversions?  I dare say that the reason (or among the main reasons) that our families and societies are they way they are today is because men shy away from their role as fathers and breadwinners in families; because men do not want to be role models for others (because they never had one growing up…). I dare say our mores have fallen because men have chosen to no longer pull their weight but leave that to the women because apparently that’s our purpose. How dare you blame sexual perversion (sodomy, bestiality, incest) on women? What grounds does this man have?

 The “intended, natural role” of women is to be in the home… Apparently men are the only half of the specie to have undergone evolution. He goes on to suggest that women are “not mentally wired to handle independence.” What a load of crap! He is obviously suffering from what the Huffington Post had published some time ago. He is threatened by the success of women and is now seeking to justify his lack of a spine. Could it be that he is the victim of a bad relationship and chose to vent about it this way? Bad idea Mr.

Women who come across as “feisty, emotionally charged and often combative” when defending themselves and equality of the sexes, are as a result of narrow-minded men such as MW. 

After reading this statement:  “the modern woman is generally non-trustworthy. If today’s woman, on track record, had proven herself to be inherently trustworthy, unfaithfulness would not be the greatest fear of almost every male mate on earth.”  I feel like we should pray for MW. Which Jamaica is he living in? Sweetheart, it is the other way around. At this point I am beginning to think like a particular commenter on the article…this MUST BE satire! I am not saying that women are not unfaithful too but step back and look at the picture wholly. Men are much more culpable than women are. Society does not frown upon male infidelity the way it does upon women. As a matter of fact, a blind eye is turned!

Whereas women cannot balance a successful career and family and marriage, explain to me the anomaly of Michelle Obama, Shakira Mebarak, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Mindy Grossman to name a few.


If families fall apart because women become economically independent (which shouldn’t be since it now takes two incomes to support a nuclear family) it is because men are threatened by successful women. Men feel that their oh-so-fragile egos must be fed by supreme rule/control/power over something/someone. Choose wisely and don’t choose women. We bend but we don’t break. Women are natural leaders in the same way that some men are not natural leaders.

MW, go check with Cleopatra, Dame Eugenia Charles and your own national heroine, Nanny. They have some answers.


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