Day 25: Describe your Location

I am actually glad I forgot to blog about this earlier. I probably would have told you something else.

Right at this very moment I am at home. Not long ago I entered my bathroom to wash my hands and face (also to close the windows before any bugs came in for the night). I switched the light on lo and behold a lizard in the corner above the shower looking back at me like “whazzuuuup?”

It wouldn’t budge! I sighed and exited for my broom.

*NB I am not afraid of lizards but I would just rather not have them in my personal space plus I don’t want to have to touch it with my hands.

A few feet below the lizard are all my hygiene products, the ones used in the bathroom anyway. I certainly did not want it touching those.

Directly before is the still open window that I would really love this lizard to just run through so I could carry on with my life.

Broom up and aimed at the lizard to guide it.

This stupid thing runs down the shower tiles and falls right into my bath tub. Great!

I have dealt with this enough to know that he/she is not going back up to window. Yet I try. The lizard runs to the front of the tub and makes it way up to the pipe. I corner it. It runs back into the tub.

The battle continued between my broom and the lizard till it jumped on my shower curtain! O hell no you ain’t jumping out of this shower to run around my place!

With a mad yank of the curtain the lizard falls back into the tub and is tired.

I stand over it and shut my bathroom window.

He/she gives up running away from me and just sits there.

In frustration and anger I use the broom to just jab consecutively at the lizard. Its tail falls off. The tail has more life than the lizard itself.

I consider boiling some water to just kill the ling like I had to do once in the past, but that would leave me with having to touch it to get it out!

Then I remembered I have a whole stash of empty tissue rolls somewhere. I dashed for one and pinched one side shut.

I started with the tail first. It was a hard little bugger to shovel into the tissue roll but it got in. Plop. Into the toilet you go. Next up Mr/Ms Lizard! It was much easier than the tail. It ran straight into the tissue roll and plop! Into the toilet it went too!

I gave it a flush and said farewell.

My windows will be shut much earlier tomorrow.


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