Day 22: What do You do when You are Home Alone?

After all the curtains have been pulled back and windows opened for fresh air to flow through, I find some way I playing my music louder than I really need to. I am way too concerned about disturbing everyone so I reserve this for days when I am home alone. I don’t even sing in public transportation (like some brave souls that I have met) because I don’t want to disturb anyone. My earphones are always with me.

After the music is blasting I can do 1 of 2 things:


I clean; yes I like to get my cleaning on when no one is around to disturb me. I don’t like cleaning and having others walk about while I am doing so. On top of that I hate being called away from whatever task I am focussing on so cleaning is best done when I am home alone.


I pamper myself. There is nothing like some peace and quiet (well my definition of it) to relax the mind and body. I take a very long shower. Give myself a pedicure and facial and probably paint my nails if I am really in the mood. If my eyebrow needs grooming, it gets it!

I’m not the type to do something sneaky or outrageous just because I’m home alone and you aren’t there to judge me. I am the type to do something sneaky and outrageous because you are there and I really don’t care what you think of me. I am me and I accept that.


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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