Day 17: Why and When did you start Blogging?

I started blogging in June 2011.

I stared blogging because I was in my final year at University and I enrolled for a course that would see us being evaluated through the creation and maintenance of a blog surrounding things learned in the course.

I, having no knowledge of how to create and maintain a blog and not wanting to fail this very interactive and fun course, decided to find out how it was done beforehand.

I came across Tumblr. How? I am not entirely sure but I think the pretty pictures hooked me and I stayed with it. I began making text and audio posts just ‘trying out’ the new thing.

I had written a few pieces in a prose format to express pent up thoughts and shared the link with my very supportive best friend and some others.

They loved it! They encouraged me to write more and I did.

I eventually got hooked and stayed with it.

Oh, I passed that course with a better grade than I expected! My electronic portfolio (course blog) received a B or something thereabout. It was a great journey.


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