Day 16: What is Your Biggest Accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment would have to be obtaining my degree.

I was never a tough headed kid in school and I enjoyed my university years but it was the last leg that seemed almost impossible. Almost like I wasnt going to complete my degree.

In my final semester I came under a great deal of pressure. Balancing academics and running a hall of residence was no joke. No matter how much help was offered by my lecturers and how early I started my researches and completed gathering info, it didn’t seem early enough.

I wanted a 1st Class Honours for my mom and I guess I went about it the wrong way. I became so bent on making everything perfect so as to please everyone (lecturers, colleagues, OSSD, mommy) that I couldnt even find the time to eat. Eventually I got weaker and weaker and then SICK!

Even with all of that I had no intentions of stopping. I remember calling my mom one day crying, telling her that the pressure was getting to me. And my mother (a teacher) took time off from work to come to college and stay with me for a few days. She cooked so I could eat and froze meals so I could have after she left and cleaned. For the whole time, my mom can tell you I was sitting before my laptop and running all over campus, printing papers and handing them in.

It was really hard for me because I had to hand in both a typed copy of my research and also the audio version (which is marked the hardest) and I had a great deal of competition in my course. My class had 15 students for 2 years. My course had only 90 persons enrolled. Each year hundreds apply but only the top 90 get through. So I was among the best and I wanted to prove my place.

When it was all said and done I rested and my blood pressure came back down to normal. I’m really glad my mother was there and I appreciate her a whole lot. Unfortunately, I missed the First Class Honours by a few points but she was still very proud of me when I graduated.


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