Day 13: Do you have Regret?

Well yes. If there is someone with no regrets, I would love to meet them and find out what is the secret to a life without regrets.

There are three things that I regret at the moment. Two are poor relationship choices and the other would have to be a life choice.

One relationship resulted in my life being ripped-up and strained to this day. Another was because I failed to see that the guy I was with was 1) too in tune with his feminine side and 2) still a teenager emotionally. He can’t seem to understand that the relationship is over and I have moved on and as such he still plays the little games that a teenage girl would when her heart is broken; seeking revenge and what not. I am beyond those things. I don’t have time for games or kids.

The other thing I regret is something I often ask myself if I could have changed anyway. As a child you should live your life and enjoy your childhood. I just feel like I should have spent more time thinking about the future. But what child really does that? I guess the kind of honest guidance I needed wasn’t there and its part of the reason I want to help young people to realize what I didn’t till it was too late. The choices you make as a child are consequential. 


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