Day 11: Last Book you Read

The last book I read was The Brethren by John Grisham. Let me just say that John Grisham is my all time favourite author. I absolutely love his writings. He has the element of surprise wrapped around his fingers and uses it to blow minds all the time. I thought I had him figured out and tried to predict the end of a few of his novels and failed.

Anyway, The Brethren is the story of two former judges and a scammer who were sent to federal prison for their individual crimes. They formed the Brethren and cooked up a master plan to get rich.

They were posting ads in gay newspapers for pen pals and scammed the victims for money by threatening to expose them. This was done only after their outside man could verify the real identity of their pen pals.

Every batch had some rich man that had his sexuality to hide. Eventually they stumbled upon the wrong man, or the right one, depends on your view point.

A presidential election was soon coming and the CIA was planting the perfect candidate. They checked him out and everything was clean except for the secret that they didn’t spot till he was already a front-runner.

The widower they chose was drawn into the scam of some low-life(s) hiding behind an alias and in several parties trying to clean up the mess, his true identity was revealed.

Now to keep him in the race and without problems, they scammers have to be bargained with and paid off by the CIA. That is exactly what is done but there are two small problems:

  • The presidential candidate still does not know he is being manipulated and that his secret is known and;
  • Even after promising to leave the country and start new lives with their money and new identities the scammers (Brethren) are still up to no good.


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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